Executive Interview: HP Networking Head Talks New NFV Unit, Cisco InterCloud Strategy

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What Does HP's NFV Portfolio Look Like?

We actually have over 14 virtualized functions, and we have an entire architecture that we have built.

We created this program called OpenNFV, and that is more than our go-to-market [strategy], it's a program for Network Functions Virtualization. OpenNFV consists of several things, and the first is architecture. That architecture starts with ... an infrastructure layer, a virtualization layer [that includes] our SDN controller and also virtualized compute with partners like VMware, Red Hat and Microsoft, and then we have created several virtualized functions, which we have had for many years.

We have virtualized several of our functions, which include HSS [Home Subscriber Service], HLR [Home Location Register], virtual services router, virtual switching -- there are several different virtual functions. And then we have created an NFV Director, which is the orchestrator that allows the service provider to chain together all these different functions.

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