Latest And Greatest: 7 Hot New Tools, Programs For Juniper Partners

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1. Juniper Champions Program

According to Erickson, Juniper is looking to tweak its Partner Advantage program to place less of an emphasis on certifications and more on a partner's proven competencies working with Juniper technology.

To that end, Erickson urged partners to get involved with the Juniper Champions program, an 18-month-old program that sits outside Partner Advantage and requires partners to demonstrate a more hands-on knowledge of Juniper products, rather than just passing a written certification exam.

"There are still certification requirements within Champions, but the bigger thing is that [partners] demonstrate their hands-on capability with our team and with our customers," said Erickson. "It's about the translation of certifications into tangible [action]."

Down the line, Erickson said a partner's Champions status will have a bearing on that partner's ranking -- Reseller, Select or Elite -- within the broader Partner Advantage program.

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