Taking The Telecom Leap: 6 Tips For Solution Providers Who Want To Sell Carrier Services

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Start By Choosing How You Want To Sell

Before solution providers start selling carrier services, they need to figure out how they want to sell them, Penevolpe said.

Some solution providers, for instance, might choose to go to market hand-in-hand with an experienced telecom agent, ensuring they have quick access to that agent's expertise when needed. Other solution providers, meanwhile, may choose to hire new sales reps with roots in the telecom market. Others, still, may simply choose to go at it alone.

WTG's VAR Connectivity Program, Penevolpe said, lets solution providers pick the model that is best for them. At the lowest tier of the program, for instance, solution providers can simply act as a referral partner to a more seasoned telecom agent. Solution providers in the middle tiers have a heavier hand in deals, but still consult with an agent. Those at the upper tier sell alone.

"First, you have to decide, from a VAR standpoint, what you want to do," Penevolpe said. "Are you going to hire, are you going to train, are you going to outsource, are you going to partner, or are you going to do it alone?"

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