Taking The Telecom Leap: 6 Tips For Solution Providers Who Want To Sell Carrier Services

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Look At The Client's Bigger Picture

Penevolpe said one of the biggest reservations solution providers have when it comes to selling carrier services is that it's ultimately going to make them look bad in front of their clients.

"They've become that trusted resource, and so their concern is that [whichever carrier] they introduce is not going to make them look good," Penevolpe said. "They fear something is going to go sideways and it's going to damage their relationship with their client."

To ensure that never happens, Penevolpe urges solution providers to always look at their clients' bigger picture. Don't ever them sell them a service without understanding why, exactly, they need it and how they intend to use it. That, she said, is where any issues tend to arise.

Fortunately, that's a concept that's already familiar to most IT solution providers, Penevolpe said.

"You would never just give somebody the price of a Cisco router without asking them what they are going to use it for," she said.

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