Twitter Wars: Carrier Execs Clash Over Report On Mobile Rankings

Overheard On Twitter

RootMetrics, a third-party researcher that rates wireless network performance, posted its findings for the first half of 2015 this week. While most carriers were satisfied with the report, one Twitter-infamous executive was frustrated with the findings, to say the least.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to social media to mock the RootMetrics report. Legere also engaged with execs from competing carriers, including Verizon's vice president of global comms Jeff Nelson and Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure, about the report.

CRN rounded up the best banter from the most recent Twitter war.

Round 1

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure kicked off the Twitter war by pointing out to Legere that T-Mobile came in last place.

Round 2

Legere was quick to respond, using colorful language and calling the report "unreliable." Legere later posed the question to Claure, "Why do we have to go through this every time???"

Round 3

According to RootMetrics, their testers used unmodified, carrier-supplied Android smartphones to conduct the tests around the U.S. Legere accused RootMetrics of being paid off by carriers.

Round 4

RootMetrics claimed that they performed 6.1 million tests, including 7,323 indoor locations across 237,506 miles, and said that 100 percent of the U.S. population was covered. Legere said that the "months old" RootMetrics report couldn't keep up with T-Mobile's growing coverage.

Round 5

Claure responded with a meme using Legere's photo. Legere later fired back to Claure, "straight outta ideas."

Round 6

Verizon, who grabbed the first-place ranking on the RootMetrics report for the fourth year in a row, also jumped in on the action. Verizon's Jeff Nelson tweeted at Legere, touting the carrier's No. 1 ranking.

Round 7

Legere engaged with Verizon, suggesting that Verizon is copying his Twitter strategy.