10 Networking And VoIP Emerging Vendors You Need To Know About

Connecting With Change

Not all that long ago networking seemed to be a pretty mature segment of the IT industry. But that's all changing with new technologies like software-defined networking and network functions virtualization. Cloud computing is forcing organizations to rethink their corporate networks, as are demands to connect millions of mobile devices. And the coming Internet of Things explosion already has network administrators scratching their heads over how to prepare.

While big networking technology vendors like Cisco and Brocade are certainly in the thick of these changes, startups like Big Switch Networks, Midokura and Versa Networks are setting the pace for many of the technology changes.

Here's a look at 10 emerging vendors that are making connections with the future of networking and communications.

Big Switch Networks

Santa Clara, Calif.

Top Executive: CEO Douglas Murray

Founded: 2010

Big Switch Networks brings hyperscale-inspired data center networking technologies to a mainstream data center audience. The company takes three hyperscale technologies -- OEM/ODM bare metal and open Ethernet switch hardware, SDN control software, and core-and-pod data center designs -- and leverages them in fit-for-purpose products for use by enterprises, cloud providers and service providers.


Santa Clara, Calif.

Top Executive: CEO Al Burgio

Founded: 2011

Console develops an enterprise software and interconnection platform that is changing the way businesses directly connect to their business-critical applications, customers and partners. It provides a simple way to connect to cloud services (such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform), Software-as-a-Service providers and enterprises.


Palo Alto, Calif.

Top Executive: CEO Darren Kimura

Founded: 2010

LiveAction's technology is designed to simplify network performance monitoring and management tasks. LiveAction features visual displays, real-time big data analytics for decision-making, and deep integration with routers and switches for network control. LiveAction accelerates troubleshooting with its QoS control, application-aware, and WAN functionality developed in collaboration with Cisco.


San Francisco

Top Executive: CEO Dan Mihai Dumitriu

Founded: 2010

Midokura provides a software-based, highly distributed network virtualization system that allows enterprises and service providers to build, run and manage virtual networks with increased control and agility. Using industry standards and leveraging existing physical infrastructure, the technology reduces costs and improves the agility, security and performance of networks.


Santa Clara, Calif.

Top Executive: CEO Larry Lang

Founded: 2011

PLUMgrid is a leading supplier of secure and scalable virtual network infrastructure technology for container and OpenStack clouds. PLUMgrid delivers software-defined networking and network functions virtualization systems that enable modern data centers to connect tenants, applications and workloads efficiently across hypervisors, containers, virtualized systems and bare metal architectures.


Milpitas, Calif.

Top Executive: CEO Greg Daily

Founded: 2011

Relay2's cloud-managed platform makes it simple and affordable for VARs and MSPs to leverage the company's high-performance Wi-Fi infrastructure to deliver innovative edge applications that provide connected experiences for their customers. Relay2's Service-Ready Access Points products enable cloud-managed applications and content to be hosted at the network edge.


Sunnyvale, Calif.

Top Executive: CEO Boris Rozenvasser

Founded: 2013

Saisei is developing network visibility, analysis and control technologies for the network challenges created by software-defined networking and network functions virtualization, mobility and cloud. With Saisei's software, companies can use their full network bandwidth knowing that all user traffic will get through even the busiest of links with no dropped or stalled application sessions.

Tempered Networks


Top Executive: CEO Jeff Hussey

Founded: 2014

Tempered Networks delivers a new approach to securing hybrid enterprise networks. The company's Identity-Defined Networking Fabric cloaks an organization's fluid and porous perimeter with baked-in security, micro-segmentation, and centralized automated orchestration to eliminate manual errors, cut operating expenses and ensure enterprise scale.


San Francisco

Top Executive: CEO Mohit Lad

Founded: 2010

ThousandEyes is a network monitoring and intelligence technology company whose platform provides immediate insight into all networks and connected devices organizations rely on. ThousandEyes arms enterprise IT, network operations and network security teams with an accurate, up-to-the-moment understanding of what's happening in the network – both inside and outside an organization.

Versa Networks

Santa Clara, Calif.

Top Executive: CEO Kumar Mehta

Founded: 2012

Versa Networks plays in the software defined-WAN and virtualized network functions markets. Versa systems enable service providers and large enterprises to transform WANs and branch networks to achieve business advantages. Versa's carrier-grade VNF software provides agility, cost savings and flexibility versus traditional network hardware.