CRN Exclusive: Versa Networks' New CEO On Leaving Cisco, SD-WAN Explosion And Where Service Providers Are Placing Their Bets

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Ahuja On The Record

After nearly two decades at Cisco, the company's service provider leader, Kelly Ahuja (pictured), left the networking giant during a massive engineering shakeup and recently landed as CEO at software-defined WAN startup Versa Networks. Ahuja has significant growth plans for Versa around services by leveraging its SD-WAN and software-defined security technology.

"I haven't seen this level of excitement in the WAN services space since MPLS came out 15 or 20 years ago," Ahuja said in an interview with CRN. "There's just a compelling value proposition that exists in the enterprise and service provider to be able to go do SD-WAN."

Ahuja spoke with CRN about the spike in demand from service providers seeking SD-WAN solutions, the new way SPs are spending their networking budgets, and why he left Cisco after 18 years.

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