The 5 Most Important Things About Dell EMC Networking's X Series Switches And Distribution-Exclusive Sales Strategy

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X Marks The Spot

Launched about a year ago, Dell EMC Networking's X Series switches go head to head with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the SMB market and go hand in hand with the company's wider ambition to become an enterprise networking power player to rival Cisco Systems.

Dell EMC Networking said Thursday that the X Series will be available exclusively through distribution, marking the first time Dell EMC has used that particular go-to-market strategy. The strategy underlines Dell EMC's commitment to the channel, and it's also intended to encourage and streamline cross-selling opportunities with the company's commercial laptop line.

The X Series has been growing at a double-digit clip since its introduction, and Dell EMC executives like networking boss Tom Burns and Senior Vice President of Worldwide Distribution Jim DeFoe say going through distribution exclusively helps capitalize on the market's move toward simplicity and speed.

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