Apstra Leader On The Rise Of Intent-Based Networking And Why You Shouldn't Throw Out Yesterday's Cisco Or Arista Gear

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Data Center Revolution

Intent-based networking pioneer Apstra is striving to revolutionize the data center through its vendor-agnostic operating system that can collect data off any switch or server, and can cut outage and failure durations in half.

Leading Apstra's sales and channel charge is Dave Butler, an industry veteran who's led worldwide sales for the likes of Aruba Networks, FireEye and Big Switch Networks.

"Our total addressable market is the sum of every switch and every server that's ever been deployed in every data center, everywhere," Butler said. In an interview with CRN, Butler talks about enhancing data centers without the need to rip and replace, software-defined networking's "mistake" and Apstra's channel recruitment effort.

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