Peak 10 Closed Its $1.67B ViaWest Acquisition: Here's How The Deal Is Benefiting Partners

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With the acquisition behind you, how have the companies been working to come together?

Within about 10 weeks of notifying the public, we closed the ViaWest deal, so the amount of work in making this merger move forward is like nothing I've ever seen. Upon going live, executives did a tour in all major markets within the combined company, and they rolled out with a plan on how we work together. We were met with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm on what this means for not only the combined company, but for the industry in general. 

Behind the scenes, there's still a million things to do, but things are progressing, and we are moving forward as one company. We have announced our leadership teams with Chris Downie is leading combined company, so going forward it's really exciting -- it’s a great time for us.

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