10 Takeaways From Extreme Networks' 2017 Partner Summit

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Extreme Is Now A Credible Contender With Cisco And HPE

In the past, Extreme was "always a niche player. It was always great products, great support. But it was niche," Rudnick said. "It didn't work for everyone, they didn't have a play for every client, they didn't have a play for every vertical." That's no longer the case with the new Extreme, he said.

Partners now have a strong shot at selling Extreme to customers who currently use Cisco or HPE for their networking, Huff said. "We are getting seats at the table with individuals that would've never even met with us six months ago," he said.

Previously, Extreme was "not big enough … But now, [customers] have to see what's going on," Huff said. "With the technology that they have right now, if you get a seat at that table -- and if you look at total cost of ownership and you give us a real shot -- we will win 90 percent of the time."

In an interview with CRN, Extreme CEO Ed Meyercord said that a "very large logistics company" that has half Extreme WiNG and half Cisco products on its wireless edge is "actively displacing the remaining Cisco with Extreme."

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