5 Things Partners Need To Know About Versa Networks' New Unified Communications Enhancements For SD-WAN

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Capitalizing On New Enhancements

Versa Networks Tuesday rolled out unified communications services for its SD-WAN solution that the company says that allows for the real-time assessment of voice and video sessions based on the quality and behavior of actual SD-WAN circuits through Mean Opinion Score-based traffic engineering and reporting for unified communications services.

The additions allow Versa Secure SD-WAN to be bundled with unified communications solutions with the embedded ability to set policies, gather performance data and analyze the quality of voice and video for a more reliable, high-performing SD-WAN.

Partners can capitalize on the enhancements by selling an improved unified communications experience, said Robert McBride, Versa product marketing chief. "[Partners] can go in with a message saying we can make sure your workforce productivity and communications are not being impacted as a result of network connectivity problems," McBride said. "This puts a very prominent service right there embedded inside the SD-WAN solution to make sure it's getting the service and quality that's needed."

"It increases the overall value for partners," McBride said. "They can put together a solution and go to their end-user customers and say we can make sure unified communications are awesome."

Here are five things partners need to know about Versa's SD-WAN enhancements.

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