CRN Interview: Panasonic UC Exec On Social Media Marketing Push, Fighting Off Cisco And Avaya, And The Future Of Communications Solutions

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Getting Social With Partners

Panasonic's unified communications business focuses squarely on the small- and midsize-business market, a space that has seen enterprise players including Cisco Systems and Avaya making inroads.

Panasonic isn't worried, though. "Although they can come down into the SMB space, they start to get very expensive," said Gary Moeller, Panasonic's UC product manager for the U.S. And while those larger companies are trying to make sense of the SMB market, Panasonic is rolling out new products tailored at growing market segments and launching a campaign designed to boost partners' social media marketing efforts.

Partners also saw Panasonic's rebates double this year, as the company looks to grow in the VoIP market while consolidating share in the shrinking digital voice market. Moeller said partners stand to make gains as more customers see the value in comprehensive UC offerings that help them avoid cobbling together various components from several vendors.

What follows is an edited excerpt of Moeller's conversation with CRN.

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