HP VP Mike Nash On The Strict Policies Around Collecting User Data And Why Customer Privacy Is A 'Huge Priority'

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Customer Privacy In Focus

After media reports this week leveled allegations against HP Inc. of secretly installing "spyware" on PCs, Mike Nash -- an IT industry veteran who's spent more than two decades at companies including HP, Microsoft and Amazon -- got on the phone with CRN to discuss the issue. For starters, Nash said the software in question is plainly not spyware -- as users must opt in to send any usage data back to HP. The software, HP Touchpoint Analytics, is also three years old and is "not a new thing" that was installed without permission, as claimed in several reports, he said.

"Making sure that people have great trust in the hardware and software that we ship is such a huge priority," Nash said. "This is a big deal that we take super seriously, and we have a lot of people in different functions that are really focused on customer privacy. Customer trust and privacy go hand in hand."

What follows is an excerpt of CRN's interview with Nash.

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