7 Things You Need To Know About VeloCloud's Outcome-Driven Networking Push

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Making The Push

VeloCloud last week rolled out a package of outcome-driven networking features and capabilities for its Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN offering that the company says will drastically simplify networking for customers and free up partners to close more deals.

Outcome-driven networking is superior to intent-based networking solutions like those marketed by industry giant Cisco Systems, according to VeloCloud Marketing Vice President Mike Wood because it allows customers to specify the results they're looking for without worrying about the technological minutiae that goes into achieving those outcomes.

Significantly streamlined deployment means partners will spend much less time and far fewer resources getting customers up and running, freeing them up to serve more customers and boost sales. The outcome-driven networking offfering is a free component of VeloCloud's Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN and isn't accompanied by any additional partner incentives.

In addition to the new outcome-driven features, VeloCloud is testing a router trade-in program with a limited number of partners. That program allows customers to trade in their legacy routers for VeloCloud SD-WAN. Still, Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN, along with the outcome-driven features can be laid on top of any network infrastructure.

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