Clash Of The SD-WAN Titans: VP Dave West On Positioning Cisco To Win In The SD-WAN Market

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When will that solution to be ready for prime time?

It's ready for prime time. Our customer count is growing exponentially, daily. Large customers. What you'll see over the next several months is it's going to get tighter and tighter integrated into everything we do. The beauty is it's part of this whole intent-based networking approach we're taking. We're driving intent-based networking. On the campus we're doing it with the Cat9K. We're now taking that to the WAN. It's not a separate piece of the puzzle, it's an integral part of our intent-based networking capability. It's fundamental to it. Eventually, you're going to move from the campus, and you're going to have workloads in the cloud and you need to connect to the cloud and branches. All of that stuff is going to happen over the WAN. Taking all of the work we're doing around segmentation, policy automation and bringing it together and more tightly integrated from end-user all the way to wherever the apps sit. We're seeing a tremendous amount of traction. We can't keep up with the activity we're seeing in the market. We're scaling this thing as hard and as fast as we can. This transition is so real.

How many customers have signed up for Cisco SD-WAN since the acquisition?

Several hundred at this point.

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