CRN Interview: HPE Aruba VP Lunetta On Partners' Must-Have Security Skills And Why Machine Learning Is Like Carpentry

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Welcome To The Machine

For Larry Lunetta, vice president of security solutions marketing at HPE Aruba, machine learning is a lot like carpentry. With a relatively small number of tools, a carpenter can build just about anything. Machine learning also requires a small toolbox, but requires deep knowledge, skill and expertise to be successful.

"It's not about knowing how to plug data into an algorithm," Lunetta said. "It's knowing what you want to accomplish, what data you want to use and understanding what result you're getting. That's an iterative process and it depends on the type of machine learning you're using."

Lunetta came to HPE Aruba a year ago when it acquired machine-learning-based security firm Niara. Perhaps it's not surprising that he has come to view HPE Aruba as "a security company wrapped in network products."

Now, Lunetta is laying the groundwork for an effort to bring HPE Aruba's security solutions front and center as the company seeks to differentiate from competitors like Cisco Systems. To do that, the company wants to empower partners to take on a new set of skills and embrace an open, machine-learning-based philosophy, Lunetta said.

What follows is an edited excerpt of Lunetta's conversation with CRN.

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