CRN Interview: HPE Aruba President Melkote On The 'Urgent Need' For Partners To Respond To Digital Transformation

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Keerti Melkote

High Impact

The market for intelligent edge solutions and the partner-led services that support them is moving fast, and picking up speed. Keerti Melkote, co-founder and president of HPE's Aruba networking business, argues that the next five years will be critical for channel partners as customers get serious about digital transformation.

HPE Aruba's strategy centers on the intelligent edge, the ability to gather and act upon data coming from all points in a business's network, and Melkote said the rush to those capabilities means "the faster our partners can transform themselves to offer a managed service around the solution, the more impactful it will be for customers," he said. "It's very timely. The market is moving now. The next five years is where most of the money is going to be made here."

What follows is an edited excerpt of Melkote's conversation with CRN.

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