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CRN’s 2020 Products Of The Year

Kyle Alspach

CRN editors compiled the top partner-friendly products and services that launched over the past year, then turned to solution providers to choose the winners.




Microsoft’s Azure public cloud is thriving because the company truly understands how businesses want to use it, said Kelly Yeh, president of Phalanx Technology Group. “That’s what I always say is the best thing about Microsoft,” Yeh said. “We do both Azure and AWS. With AWS, we only use it for our customers that are e-commerce sites or websites. The Microsoft Azure environment is far superior if you’re trying to move your on- prem server farm. So unless you’re heavily invested in Linux servers on-prem, of course you’re going to spin it up in Microsoft’s Azure. It’s just so much easier to manage than AWS.” Solution providers ranked Azure No. 1 in Technology and Customer Demand and No. 2 in Revenue and Profit.

Subcategory Winner—Revenue and Profit: Oracle Cloud

In CRN’s 2020 Products of the Year survey, solution providers gave Oracle Cloud the No. 4 overall ranking among public cloud providers. However, Oracle Cloud did rank at No. 1 in the Revenue and Profit subcategory. The platform also ranked at No. 4 in Technology and at No. 4 in Customer Demand in the survey.

Finalist: Amazon Web Services

In CRN’s 2020 Products of the Year survey of solution providers, Amazon Web Services ranked at No. 2 overall among the five public cloud providers included in the survey—a tie with Google Cloud. AWS ranked at No. 2 in the Technology subcategory while ranking at No. 3 in Customer Demand and at No. 4 in Revenue and Profit.

Finalist: Google Cloud

As mentioned, Google Cloud tied with AWS in getting the No. 2 overall ranking from solution providers for Public Cloud in CRN’s 2020 Products of the Year survey. Google Cloud ranked at No. 2 in the Customer Demand subcategory, at No. 3 in Revenue and Profit, and at No. 3 in Technology.

Finalist: IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud was ranked by solution providers at No. 5 overall in Public Cloud in CRN’s 2020 Products of the Year survey. IBM Cloud ranked at No. 5 in all three subcategories in the survey for Public Cloud.

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