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CRN’s 2020 Products Of The Year

Kyle Alspach

CRN editors compiled the top partner-friendly products and services that launched over the past year, then turned to solution providers to choose the winners.




For its Endpoint Recovery Services offering, CrowdStrike brings together its Falcon endpoint protection platform with threat intelligence and response to facilitate a rapid recovery after an intrusion. Incident recovery is enabled with the help of capabilities such as comprehensive endpoint visibility, via CrowdStrike’s Threat Graph, and analysis from experienced security professionals. The services do not require on-site visits and installations to deploy the Falcon platform, and also spare organizations from needing to reimage or reissue devices. CrowdStrike’s Endpoint Recovery Services provide immediate disruption of attacks and full remediation—accelerating the restoring of operations and avoiding extensive downtime.

Finalist: Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud

With the latest version of Kaspersky’s Endpoint Security Cloud, the offering has added features such as cloud discovery, which enables IT administrators to address shadow IT by ensuring compliance with corporate security policies. The feature provides control over the use of applications and sites that are commonly used by workers, but are also potentially insecure.

Finalist: McAfee MVision EDR

For its MVision EDR offering, McAfee recently launched new features including Automated AI-Guided Investigations—which offer improved guidance of customer investigations using internally generated machine learning and threat intelligence—and Advanced Analytics, which identify and prioritize suspicious behavior from contextually rich endpoint data.

Finalist: Sophos Intercept X

Sophos recently debuted a major upgrade to its Intercept X offering—including an update of the company’s Endpoint Detection and Response solution within several new versions of Intercept X. The updated EDR offering includes new capabilities such as Live Discover (for pinpointing activity and answering threat hunting questions) and Live Response (which enables remote response to endpoints via a command line interface).

Finalist: VMware Carbon Black

Aimed at providing consolidated and cloud-native endpoint protection, VMware’s Carbon Black Cloud offering combines multiple powerful endpoint security features—such as continuous collection and analysis of endpoint activity data—into one lightweight agent that is complemented by a console that is easy to operate.

Finalist: Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

Now owned by OpenText, Webroot offers differentiators for its Business Endpoint Protection offering such as the Webroot Evasion Shield. The feature brings protection against threats such as file-based and fileless script attacks; malicious JavaScript, VBScript, PowerShell and macros; and detection of scripts that are running in an environment. Other key capabilities include contextual threat intelligence and a cloud-based management console.

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