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HPE’s Open RAN Telecom Blitz: 5 Big Things To Know

Steven Burke

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Thursday stepped up its Open RAN initiative aimed at dramatically reducing the cost of operating massive telecom networks with new RAN Automation software for service management and orchestration.

HPE’s vRAN and Open RAN Advantage Versus Competitors

HPE has a “de facto leadership” position with its RAN Automation software tool versus competitors, said Capperi.

HPE’s RAN Automation solution bests competitors in carrier-grade infrastructure automation, management, orchestration and assurance, said Capperi.

“This is in our DNA for many years,” he said. “We have combined all these assets and capabilities and put them pre-integrated in the platform and as such it is our No. 1 differentiator in a vendor-agnostic manner to provide management and automation of radio access [networks] on the infrastructure and the software.”

The more than 50 percent total cost of ownership savings, said Capperi, includes energy savings from optimized hardware and efficiency of CPUs from standard x86 hardware as well as cost savings from managing multiple sites with firmware and software upgrades

Craig, a 32-year telecom veteran who took the helm of the HPE Communications Group five months ago, said HPE has a longtime commitment to open networks standards that runs deep in the company’s DNA.“Every industry iteration of open standards this company has provided has been tested by what we have delivered,” he said.

As for the open carrier grade network management architecture capabilities of the new RAN Automation software, Craig said customers can rest assured that they will have the “lowest unit cost to serve” with the technology that will work with other vendor offerings.

Craig predicted a a “blurring” in the future with data centers and carrier-grade networks. New technology is collapsing the “boundary between what is the network and what is the data center,” he said.

That will lead to a “dramatic simplification” of the operating model of the carriers, said Craig. “Watch this space because that’s an area where we are going to look to drive toward industry standards with more simplification,” he said.

Steven Burke

Steve Burke has been reporting on the technology industry and sales channel for over 30 years. He is passionate about the role of partners using technology to solve business problems and has spoken at conferences on channel sales issues. He can be reached at

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