The 10 Coolest 5G Devices Of 2021 (So Far)

IT vendors this year began flooding the market with 5G-capable smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Check out ten of the coolest 5G devices you can find today.

5G For The Win

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5G, the next generation of cellular technology, promises blazing-fast speeds. But more than that, the significantly lower latency connectivity technology is powering brand-new use cases that are exciting and delighting both consumers and business users alike.

While 5G has been mostly a buzzword for the last several years, 2021 was the turning point when devices really started hitting the market. In terms of vendors, the usual suspects have come out with 5G-capable smartphones, laptops, tablets, and 2-in-1’s, including Apple, Samsung, and HP. Also joining the fray are technology manufacturers such as LG and Lenovo.

With that in mind, CRN rounded up ten of the coolest 5G devices on the market in 2021… so far.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga

The ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga is touted as company’s thinnest ThinkPad device to date, at just 0.45 inches thick. The convertible laptop—which gets its name from the titanium material that covers the exterior of the device—is also very lightweight at 2.54 pounds, but don’t let its size and stature fool you. The ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga features optional 5G or LTE connectivity, support for Wi-Fi 6 and 11th-gen Intel Core processors (up to Core i7 vPro).

First made available in January, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga can be found for $1,365.54.

iPhone 12 (All Models)

The more affordable 5G mobile phone option on the market right now, the latest version of Apple’s iPhone comes in four models — the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. While all four models feature 5G connectivity, 5G can put a strain on the iPhone 12’s battery life. However, the iPhone 12 features a Smart Data Mode to intelligently switch between LTE and 5G. The iPhone 12 is compatible with the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon 5G network.

The iPhone 12 prices differ by model and starts at $799.

HP Elite Folio

Debuted first at CES 2021 and made available in February to the masses, the HP Elite Folio features a “pull-forward” mode where the 13.5-inch screen can come forward and magnetically lock into position closer to your viewing. It also includes an integrated digital pen in the keyboard. The notebook is also powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 5G processor, which enables optional 5G on the device.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 starts at $1,667.64.

iPad Pro

Apple in April extended its in-house M1 chip to two more products, which brought the high-performance processor to the iMac and the iPad Pro for the first time. The latest iPad Pro comes in both an 11-inch and 12.9-inch model. The new iPad Pro models also now support for 5G for the first time. In the U.S., that will include support for the higher-speed version of 5G, known as mmWave, which Verizon currently uses to achieve 5G.

The latest iPad Pro starts at $799.

Samsung Galaxy S21 (All Models)

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is a less expensive replacement option for the Galaxy S20 Plus. But this model, however, supports 5G connectivity thanks to its latest Qualcomm X60 5G modem.

Like the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S21 comes in two different models, including the Plus version. The device also works with all three of the country’s largest carriers’ 5G networks, including Verizon’s mmWave network.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 starts at $799 or can be bought cheaper with the trade-in of another mobile device.

Google Pixel 4a 5G

Google offers several 5G-capable phones, including the Pixel 5. The Google Pixel 4a includes the same high-end camera and bigger display like the Pixel 5 and is just as strong in the 5G department.

The Pixel 4a 5G works with the big three 5G networks, however, users will have to pay $100 extra for the version that works with Verizon’s high-speed 5G towers.

The Google Pixel 4a starts at $349 and comes in two colors: Blue and black.

Dell Latitude 9420

Dell Technologies came out with its new Latitude 9420 notebook, available both as a 2-in-1 or a clamshell model, this year. The notebook sports a 14-inch display with FHD+ resolution (clamshell model) or QHD+ resolution (for the 2-in-1 model), as well as a 16:10 aspect ratio to offer a 5-percent larger viewing area. The Latitude 9420 offers optional support for new kinds of connectivity, including high-speed 5G or LTE, along with Wi-Fi 6.

The Dell Latitude 9420 starts at $2,039.00.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 5G

Promoted as the first 5G-capable tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 5G offers enhanced viewing on the 11-inch edge-to-edge display, plus hours of life with its power-efficient battery. Not to mention, it can support 5G connectivity and high speeds for streaming and downloading from the country’s largest cellular carriers.

The 5G-capable Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 starts at $849.99.

OnePlus 9 Pro

The OnePlus 9 Pro Android Smartphone sports an impressive camera system co-developed by Hasselblad, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, and can power up for the day in 15 minutes, according to the company. The device also comes in two colors — grey and green.

The OnePlus 9 Pro is compatible with the T-Mobile 5G network, and Verizon’s low-band 5G connectivity offering. The phone won’t work with the AT&T 5G network, however.

The OnePlus 9 Pro can be found for $730.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G

The LG V50 ThinQ 5G is the company’s first 5G-compatible smartphone. The Android-based mobile device contains a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octa-core and can work on the Verizon network, as well as T-Mobile, but not with the AT&T 5G network.

The LG V50 ThinQ 5G starts at $309 for an unlocked version on Amazon.