The 10 Coolest IoT Connectivity Companies: The 2021 Internet Of Things 50

IoT connectivity is no easy feat, which is why many companies are racing to create new capabilities in how devices connect to networks and send data. What follows are the 10 coolest IoT connectivity companies of 2021.

Making IoT Connectivity Better

As the number of IoT endpoints increase across the globe, so does the need for new innovations in the way these endpoints communicate with each other and connect with various systems.

IoT connectivity is no easy feat, which is why many companies are racing to create new capabilities in how devices connect to networks and send data. Sometimes, all that’s needed is Wi-Fi that is fine-tuned for such deployments, but increasingly, there is a need for more differentiated options, like LoRa, or the ability to take advantage of the 5G networks coming online.

As part of CRN’s 2021 Internet Of Things 50 list, here are the 10 coolest IoT connectivity companies of 2021 that are driving new innovations in the way IoT devices connect to networks and communicate.

Aeris Communications
Marc Jones, Chairman, CEO

San Jose, Calif.-based Aeris Communications helps businesses create IoT services with the Aeris Connectivity Platform, which allows them to connect their devices to cellular networks and technologies like low-power wide-area networks and Wi-Fi. The company also makes it easier to build mobility services for things like fleet management with the Aeris Mobility Suite.

Albert Behr, CEO

Concord, Ontario-based BehrTech offers an alternative to proprietary low-power wide-area network technologies with MIOTY, a protocol that provides long-range, low-power communication for commercial and industrial IoT networks. With low interference and support for standard gateways and sensors, MIOTY serves as the backbone for BehrTech’s MyThings connectivity platform.

Rajeev Shah, Founder, CEO

Cupertino, Calif.-based Celona gives enterprises a software-based approach to building their own private LTE and 5G cellular networks for IoT and other applications. The startup has a strategic partnership with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, and it recently launched a partner program to provide customers with design and managed services for private LTE networks.

Nick Earle, Chairman, CEO

Guildford, U.K.-based Eseye offers software, hardware and services for providing enterprises with next-generation global connectivity for IoT devices. The company’s SIM technology allows devices to seamlessly switch between mobile networks across the world, and the devices can be managed with Eseye’s AnyNet Connectivity platform and integrated with cloud services through AnyNet Cloud.

Parag Thakore, CEO

Menlo Park, Calif.-based Infiot provides a cloud-delivered intelligent thin wireless edge access platform for connecting IoT devices using wired, wireless and cellular connectivity. The company’s Intelligent Edge platform serves as an alternative to VPN and SD-WAN offerings by combining connectivity with zero trust security and edge computing capabilities.

Galeal Zino, CEO

Charlotte, N.C.-based NetFoundry provides cloud-native Networking as a Service that is faster, more secure and more economical for IoT applications than multiprotocol label switching or VPNs. The company’s offering provides high-performance zero trust networking while also making it easy to provision and manage such devices on any cloud service or network.

Bruce Chatterley, President, CEO

Portsmouth, N.H.-based Senet provides network software and services for IoT applications on its low-power wide-area network, which has coverage in more than 80 countries and more than 200 partner devices certified. The company provides a low-power wide-area virtual network that connects network operators, application providers and RAN provider networks under a cooperative model.

Sierra Wireless
Kent Thexton, President, CEO

Richmond, British Columbia-based Sierra Wireless provides modems, modules and connectivity services that help organizations simplify their IoT deployments. The company’s offerings include modules for low-power wide-area networks, cellular networks, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and it also sells devices for specific applications like fleet tracking and remote monitoring.

Hans Vestberg, Chairman, CEO

New York-based Verizon provides services and solutions for cellular IoT deployments that range from specific applications like Verizon Connect for fleet management to IoT Managed Services, a new offering meant to simplify applications for resource-constrained organizations. The company also has a partnership with Microsoft Azure to help developers create IoT solutions faster.

Tony Thomas, President, CEO

Little Rock, Ark.-based Windstream provides network and connectivity offerings that can address the needs of specific industries like health care, retail, entertainment and financial services. The company provides what it says is a “carrier-grade” private multiprotocol label switching network that is designed to provide reliability, security and uptime.