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The Highest-Paying IT Jobs (And The Lowest) In 2021

Joseph F. Kovar

Staff consulting and recruiting organization Robert Half Technology just released its Technology Salary Guide 2021 with a look at IT industry salaries as a way to help businesses trying to grow in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic while dealing with a shortage of engineers, analysts, administrators and managers.

Technical Services And Operations

This category includes such positions as managers, engineers, analysts, technicians, help desk support and operators all focused on ensuring a company’s IT systems are providing the services a business and its customers require.

Salaries for the 50th percentile of employees in technical services and operations range from $41,500 for PC technicians to $137,000 for managers.

Personnel in the top five positions in the technical services and operations category are making on average:

* Managers: $111,500 to $190,750 (versus last year’s $107,500 to $185,250)

* Site reliability engineers: $100,750 to $199,000 (versus last year’s $99,750 to $197,000)

* IT auditors: $96,250 to $164,250 (versus last year’s $95,250 to $162,500)

* Business continuity analysts: $90,750 to $154,250 (versus last year’s $89,750 to $152,750)

* Systems engineers: $90,000 to $149,500 (versus last year’s $88,750 to $148,000)