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Verizon Channel Chief Wendy Taccetta: ‘We Can Be Part Of The Story Of This Country Coming Back’

‘Easy to do business with’ hasn’t historically been the brand of Verizon’s channel program, but the carrier’s newly-minted channel chief and small business lead Wendy Taccetta already has the wheels in motion to create a ‘single door’ for partners to work with Verizon. She’s also busy helping partners see the opportunities beyond connectivity, especially for SMB customers bouncing back from COVID-19.

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What are your goals for the Verizon channel program?

I think one of the things that I have to acknowledge is “easy to do business with” is not the brand of our channel program. And some of that is because there have been multiple doors to come into Verizon. We’re big company and there’s been a lot of ways to come into us. Success is creating a single door, and that is a digital portal that we are spending a lot of time obsessing about. We have partners that are part of building it with us and we are absolutely listening to what they have to say. How do I make it so that connecting to Verizon is not its own job? So, one piece is the digitally enabled platform that we’re looking to bring it out in the third quarter. I spent a lot of time thinking about that.

The second piece of success is, really being able to get the partners on-board with the new products where the real growth is happening. I think that’s a struggle for them as they think about where they are going to invest their money. Training, people, that’s a lot of change for them to navigate. I’m trying to extend the things that we’re investing in so that they can take advantage of some of that. But at the same time, we need the partners to invest. They need to see our they need to see us investing and then we need to see them investing, and then let’s hold hands and let’s figure this out.

The last piece of this, ultimately, is about results. I look at the country state by state, and I look at each of the segments. Whether you’re thinking about small markets, midmarket, public sector or enterprise, are they all seeing more activity in channel than we saw two years ago (I don’t compare to 2020, I compared to 2019) and are we seeing more? If one of the segments isn’t succeeding, my job is not done. So once you get the flywheel going, where everybody participating, everybody’s growing, and we’re spending more time talking about customers and less time talking about processes, then we can talk about the vision for the next nine years of the decade. But this year is about putting the foundation in and creating that single door, and then let’s talk about how we’re going to grow this together. I look at what we’re doing today and we’re just getting started. What feels good to me is as we look at things like Verizon Small Business Days and watching our partners in it with us, where does that make sense? And where doesn’t it make sense? Yeah. But the next 10 years, I think, for everybody, is going to look different. We really don’t know what the full fallout of COVID-19 is going to be. We’ve got to get some agility. I would say the biggest thing to me is I need to know what’s on the partner’s mind. They’re talking to customers. And anybody who’s talking to a customer is somebody that I need to spend time with.





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