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Why Cisco, VMware, Arista Are Not In The Multi-cloud Networking ‘Conversation’: Aviatrix CEO Steve Mullaney

Steven Burke

Aviatrix CEO Steve Mullaney says the cloud-based multi-cloud networking provider, which has tripled its valuation to $2 billion in the last seven months, does not see Cisco, VMware or Arista in its multi-cloud “customer interactions.”

Looking For Partners To Go ‘All In’ On Multi-cloud Networking

Aviatrix CEO Steve Mullaney says that he is looking for partners that are ready to throw off their on-premise shackles and go all in with the multi-cloud networking high-flyer.

“I want them to be all in,” said Mullaney of his company’s partner acquisition strategy. “Don’t just put me on your line card so you can look hip and cool.”

Mullaney has given strict marching orders to Aviatrix Americas Channel Chief Chad Blackwell to focus squarely on partners that are not beholden to old world on-premise networking models.

“The charge to him is to go find those 10 percent of partners that get it,” said Mullaney. “I gave him an oar and said you are going to have beat nine out of ten people trying to come on our boat because they are not going to make it. But you have got to go find that one. They are out there.”

The drive to bring on next generation multicloud focused networking partners comes with Aviatrix closing a new $200 million round of financing just two months ago. That investment tripled Aviatrix’s valuation in just the last seven months to $2 billion.

Mullaney, the former CEO of software-defined networking superstar Nicira, which was acquired by VMware for $1.26 billion in 2012, says he decided to come out of retirement to lead Aviatrix because he saw just how fast the cloud based networking model was taking hold.”I saw that this was going to be a transformation 10 times bigger than the shift from mainframe to client server,” he said.

“Ten times bigger, 100 times faster,” exclaimed Mullaney. “Winners and losers are going to be defined in a matter of a couple of years. It took Cisco 15 years to become dominant. This is going to take us two years to become dominant. We already have a $2 billion market cap valuation. We are just getting started.”

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