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Why Cisco, VMware, Arista Are Not In The Multi-cloud Networking ‘Conversation’: Aviatrix CEO Steve Mullaney

Aviatrix CEO Steve Mullaney says the cloud-based multi-cloud networking provider, which has tripled its valuation to $2 billion in the last seven months, does not see Cisco, VMware or Arista in its multi-cloud “customer interactions.”

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What do you see ahead for the channel with the new wave of cloud based software providers like Aviatrix driving a new cloud stack?

Unfortunately 90 percent of the partners that are in legacy on premise hardware are not going to survive. The partners may not want to hear that, but that is the truth. They are not going to survive.

When the boat goes down what happens is it sucks everything down with it. The problem is that is what is happening in this massive transformation to cloud that we have been talking about for 12 years. It is actually now happening.

The problem is the Titanic is going down. That is on-premise (solutions). If you are close to it you better kick as hard as you can and get away from that. If you are on the (on premise) boat and you don’t kick and swim you are going to get pulled down.

Aviatrix is on the life raft. We are not on the boat. One thousand people have now made it off the boat and they are swimming toward our life raft and we have 10 seats.

I am going to have to beat a lot of them off my boat with an oar because I can’t save them all. I am looking for a few. I am looking for the 10 percent of partners that understand what’s going on, that understand cloud and aren’t hanging on to the old world of on prem, saying ‘Ninety percent of my business is Cisco so I am going to try to manage this transition.’ They are going down with the Titanic and I will beat them off my raft.

What we are looking for are the people that say – ‘I am all in on cloud. I see this transformation and not I am going to try to get 10 percent of my business (with cloud) and manage the transition where 90 percent of my business will go down and then over the next five years the 10 percent will go up.’ That ‘s not going to happen. They are going to go down with the Titanic. The ones that are going to succeed are going to be born in the cloud.

You have a track record making transitions like this with Nicira and then VMware. Are you surprised more partners aren’t moving faster to cloud-based networking?

When you do something you keep doing it. Humans don’t like to change.

If you go to a conference and on the first day you take a seat that is your seat for the rest of the conference. Everybody knows it. That is what we like to do as humans. Humans find things they like to do and they just keep doing it. It is only 10 percent of the humans that actually change.

They intellectually understand that they are going to have to do it but they don’t want to do it.

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