Fab Five: The First Round Of Google Glass Certified Partners

Making The Grade

Google in a post Monday morning unveiled what it's calling its "first round" of certified partners for Google Glass. Hundreds of enterprise developers applied for the Glass at Work partnership, according to the post.

These partnerships are all made in the hopes of making the smart glasses an attractive piece of hardware for the enterprise, and not just something picked up by consumer techies.

In the same post, Google links to a story from Dignity Health, explaining how Google Glass is helpful to physicians and makes their jobs easier.

Here are the first five enterprise developers who have reached a certified partnership for Google Glass.

APX Labs

The Washington D.C.-based software company is the creator of the Skylight platform, which Glass at Work calls "the leading business software for Glass." It is marketed as a simplistic solution for "deskless" workers who need hands-free access to real-time data.

Skylight offers a "see what I see" video sharing feature, user authentication, task management and alerting. Skylight also is configurable by developers through its API and can integrate with enterprise back-end systems.


The San Francisco-based service for medical physicians was founded in 2012 by a pair of Stanford graduate students after they tried a pair of Googe Glasses and realized the potential the device had for the medical industry. With Augmedix, physicians can use verbal queries to record information about patients, such as weight, blood pressure, etc., and push the information to most major Electronic Health Records. The software is marketed as a way for doctors to cut the time they spend on EHR charting by 75 percent.


The San Francisco-based company's software detects broadcast events from mobile devices and feeds users content for live broadcasts and context-aware applications for industries such as sports, entertainment, building/security and medical. CrowdOptic allows users to share their view by streaming their video feed to others.


The New York-based Web publishing platform is the next generation of guided tours through Google Glass and other mobile devices. Since it was founded in 2011, GuidiGo has been putting together a database of guided tours made by curators and local guides. Following an integrated map, users can see a new area at their own pace. Once the user has made it to the next destination on the map, information on that destination will appear in video, audio and imaging formats. With Google Glass, a user can just scan a painting, tap the touchpad, and learn all about the content.

Wearable Intelligence

The San Francisco-based software company, founded in 2013, is the first enterprise company devoted specifically to wearable technology. It covers on-the-job necessities such as procedure checklists, multimedia communication and remote assistance, video training and more. The company's software is focused on the health-care and energy industries and is expanding into other areas.