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Best US Cities For Technology Job Growth: Dice Q2 Report

Donna Goodison

Dice analyzed more than one million tech job postings between April and June of 2021 and compared the data to its job-posting stats from the previous three months, as well as historical trends, for its Q2 2021 Tech Job Report.

Top 10 Fastest Growing Tech Cities B y Job Posting Volume

(With quarter-over-quarter growth from Q1 2021 to Q2 2021; only includes cities in top 50 by posting volume )

1. Las Vegas, Nev. 43 percent

2. Sacramento, Calif. 36 percent

3. Huntsville, Ala. 35 percent

4. Nashville, Tenn. 32 percent

5. Hartford, Conn. 31 percent

6. Miami, Fla. 30 percent

7. Colorado Springs, Colo. 27 percent

8. Phoenix, Ariz. 26 percent

9. Austin, Tex. 25 percent

10. Jersey City, N.J. 25 percent

Las Vegas, which saw a 43 percent increase in its tech job listings, also was one of the fastest-growing tech markets prior to the coronavirus pandemic, with openings in high-growth areas including software engineering, gaming technology, data centers and autonomous vehicles, according to the Dice report.

“Sacramento, which saw a 36 percent increase in tech job postings during the second quarter, has also been receiving positive press as a growing hub for innovation,” the Dice report said. “The city already hosts DialSource, Zennify, Accenture and Trifecta, and has a strong four-year university presence. Sacramento has also emerged as a top location for migrants from the higher-cost-of-living Bay Area.”

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