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Best US Cities For Technology Job Growth: Dice Q2 Report

Donna Goodison

Dice analyzed more than one million tech job postings between April and June of 2021 and compared the data to its job-posting stats from the previous three months, as well as historical trends, for its Q2 2021 Tech Job Report.

New Tech Job Postings In The Top 15 Cities

(With peak listing volumes in the last 18 months)

Atlanta, Ga. 9,228 postings in May 2021

Austin, Tex. 7,112 postings in March 2020

Boston, Mass. 6,021 postings in February 2020

Charlotte, N.C. 7,454 postings in January 2020

Chicago, Ill. 8,775 postings in January 2020

Dallas, Tex. 5,883 postings in January 2020

Denver, Colo. 4,786 postings in March 2020

Houston, Tex. 6,625 postings in January 2020

Los Angeles, Calif. 7,207 postings in March 2020

New York, N.Y. 16,189 postings in February 2020

Phoenix, Ariz. 4,667 postings in March 2020

San Diego, Calif. 6,186 postings in March 2020

San Francisco, Calif. 9,146 postings in March 2020

Seattle, Wash. 6,148 postings in March 2021

Washington, D.C. 8,508 postings in March 2020

Many of the top 15 U.S. cities by job posting volume approached pre-pandemic hiring levels in the second quarter, albeit at different rates, according to Dice. 

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