The Best Paying Jobs In Technology In 2022: Glassdoor

From jobs ranging from $73,000 to more than $140,000, here are the best-paying tech jobs in America, according to Glassdoor.

The best job in America in 2022 is in tech, according to Glassdoor. That job, enterprise architect, pays a median base salary of more than $144,000. But there are plenty of other tech jobs that pay well and have scores of job openings.

A job in tech has always been lucrative, but as the digital landscape evolves and the world more than ever depends on tech, especially during the global COVID-19 pandemic, companies are hiring faster and jobs are paying top dollar.

With an emphasis on cloud and growing databases, more and more jobs are created in tech. Positions cover a wide array of expertise and skills and can used toward anything from a solutions engineer to a business analyst to a scrum master.

In fact, more of these positions were in demand in 2021 than in 2020, according to a Dice report.

With work-from-home or a hybrid model here to stay, companies need more and more help to better serve their customers in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Here are the 30 highest paying tech jobs, according to Glassdoor, in the U.S.

30. QA Engineer

Median Base Salary: $87,626

Job Openings: 4,480

A software quality assurance (QA) engineer monitors every step of the software development process to ensure design quality. They make sure that the software applications meet all standards set by the development company and test new products work before they are released to users.

29. Strategic Account Manager

Median Base Salary: $88,071

Job Openings: 4,480

Strategic account managers are consultants for their clients and help find solutions for their business. They work to educate and inform their customers on strategic business solutions by taking into account an organization’s financial information, operations and strategy.

28. Business Development Manager

Median Base Salary: $89,496

Job Openings: 9,260

A business development manager in technology is a crucial role on the sales side of a company in which the position is responsible for transforming how their customers do business through monetizing on big data as an asset. This role caters to customer relationships so that the product being used accelerates their business.

27. Marketing Manager

Median Base Salary: $90, 748

Job Openings: 7,595

A marketing manager in technology is a hybrid professional bridging technology and product knowledge through marketing. A marketing manager acts as a liaison between the marketing side of the business and the technical side to further a brand or product onto customers, resulting in brand knowledge and revenue growth for the company.

26. Consultant

Median Base Salary: $90,748

Job Openings: 17,720

Technology consultants work with customers to assist in the way they use technology. These transformations typically include improving business processes, cost reductions and maximizing the use of technology platforms. From digital strategy to technology-charged projects, a consultant can help their client rapidly grow their business to cater to an ever-evolving digital-first customer base

25. Sales Engineer

Median Base Salary: $95,809

Job Openings: 4,025

A technical sales engineer markets and sells equipment to clients using technical knowledge and support. They work with customers to identify their needs and may make slight tweaks of the products to better serve the customer. They also create cost estimates and build new accounts by identifying potential customers by advising them on the best way to use the products or service.

24. UX Designer

Median Base Salary: $97,047

Job Openings: 7,070

A user experience (UX) designer focuses on the interaction that users have with products such as websites, apps and physical objects. They analyze everyday interactions for usability and accessibility that combine aspects of research, design, technology, busines and psychology.

23. Salesforce Developer

Median Base Salary: $98, 972

Job Openings: 5,250

A Salesforce developer is a programmer who builds Salesforce applications throughout many PaaS (platform-as-a-service) platforms. They’re responsible for using the customer relationship management (CRM) platform to further accelerate operations for end customers using cloud-based applications designed for marketing, sales and services

22. Systems Engineer

Median Base Salary: $100,831

Job Openings: 15,245

A systems engineer is responsible for monitoring and managing all systems and infrastructure applications, establishing and configuring tests to maintain operating systems, evaluating existing systems and overseeing the development of software and hardware. The role also includes planning and implementing systems automation, formulating and designing security systems within a network and supervising inventory.

21. Solutions Engineer

Median Base Salary: $100,915

Job Openings: 2,365

A solutions engineer works in sales but has extensive technical knowledge to sell software solutions to clients. They collaborate with other sales team to present products to potential customers but also develop a relationship with them to meet their needs and learn about their challenges to better serve them.

20. Full Stack Engineer

Median Base Salary: $101,794

Job Openings: 11,250

Full stack engineers work with a wide array of technologies and languages including JavaScript, HTML and SQL to create applications to accelerate user experience and functionality. Full stack engineers perform a variety of duties from project management to the installation of operating systems on a server. They are also skilled in coding for both front end and back-end applications.

19. Risk Manager

Median Base Salary: $102,647

Job Openings: 8,790

IT risk managers oversee the use of technology within a company, identify potential risks and develop protocols to reduce those risks. Their role includes ensuring that IT systems are align with a company‘s business goals by monitor the IT systems to make sure they are secure. They also manage risk factors including the risk of a system failure or loss of data.

18. Java Developer

Median Base Salary: $107,099

Job Openings: 10,200

A Java developer write codes in Java for applications which includes creating the design, testing software, debugging and fixing code. A Java developer also examines existing code to recommend patches and design changes, communicates with end users to help them in the platform, and implements Java applications that best suit the customer.

17. Scrum Engineer

Median Base Salary: $109, 284

Job Openings: 2,975

Scrum is typically used in software development teams and is a framework that helps a team work together. A scrum engineer facilitates the scrum team and helps them follow processes within software development. They find creative ways to help the team meet their goals and acts as a liaison with those outside the scrum team.

16. Product Designer

Median Base Salary: $110,858

Job Openings: 2,275

A product designer oversees the design process, from start to finish, of a product or the improvement of an existing product. They may colloaborate with other teams or executives to brainstorm solutions and help compose models of a product during the creative process.

15. Back-End Engineer

Median Base Salary: $112,384

Job Openings: 6,220

A back-end engineer works on the back-end of web development including language programming, implementing databases, code testing, building and consuming APIs and working with HTTP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

14. Data Engineer

Median Base Salary: $113,960

Job Openings: 11,820

A data engineer designs and builds systems that collect, store and analyze data at a larger scale. To accomplish this, they work in a range of settings to build systems that gather that data and convert into usable information for data scientists and business analysts to interpret. The end goal is to make data accessible so that companies can use it to evaluate and further their business.

13. Finance Manager

Median Base Salary: $114,414

Job Openings: 13,235

A finance manager monitors a company’s finances, analyzes data and advise leadership on ways to maximize profits. Usually a part of a team, the finance manager weighs in on decision making. They’re also responsible for curating financial statements, monitoring financial details of a deal, reviewing company financial reports and analyzing market trends.

12. Software Engineer

Median Base Salary: $116,638

Job Openings: 64,150

Software engineers create software, through computer science and mathematical analysis, for computers, applications and platforms from games to network control systems. While building applications, they also test for performance and agility so an organization can get the most out of the product.

11. Information Security Engineer

Median Base Salary: $116,919

Job Openings: 7,260

The information security engineer’s role is to secure an organization’s computer systems and networks. The engineer implements security measures that protect sensitive data in the event of a cyberattack and works closely with the information security team to offer support and other tools. They’re also responsible for configurations, network designs, log analysis and other network forensic investigations related a cyber hack,

10. Cloud Engineer

Median Base Salary: $118,999

Job Openings: 10, 685

A cloud engineer builds and maintains cloud infrastructure including designing cloud solutions, developing code for the cloud and administering cloud networks. Cloud engineers can also be responsible for data storage and backup in the cloud.

9. DevOps Engineer

Median Base Salary: $120,095

Job Openings: 8,545

A DevOps engineer has a range of knowledge in all things IT from development, operations, coding and infrastructure management and management. Skills also include experience using traditional developer toolset and practices, giving and receiving code reviews and writing unit tests.

8. Data Scientist

Median Base Salary: $120,000

Job Openings: 10,070

Data scientists use technology to gain insights and information from large amounts of data that is collected. They’re analytical experts that utilize statistics, mathematics and computer programming to gather such information to process and then present findings to an audience.

7. Product Marketing Manager

Median Base Salary: $125,015

Job Openings: 2,395

A product marketing manager creates demand for products through creative messaging and marketing processes. Through strategic guidance, expert analyses and a supportive sales team, the product marketing manager can excel at bringing products faster and more efficiently to marketing, creating more revenue for the company.

6. Product Manager

Median Base Salary: $125, 317

Job Openings: 17,725

In technology, a product manager applies many roles such as analyzing feedback from users, other engineers, marketers and stakeholders. They have to excel at organization and delegating as they are responsible for heading diverse project and product developments , product launches and consumer research.

5. Machine Learning Engineer

Median Base Salary: $130,489

Job Openings: 6,800

A machine learning engineer designs and builds machine learning models that solve business challenges. They are typically responsible for artificial intelligence (AI) tools throughout the machine learning development process and works closely with related teams to ensure long-term success of those models.

4. Site Reliability Engineer

Median Base Salary: $137,252

Job Openings: 3,515

A site reliability engineer supports both IT operations and software development teams within an organization. The engineer drives deeper reliability to systems in production through helping with IT, support and development so other teams can focus on building and creating features and services within the software platform.

3. Database Architect

Median Base Salary: $140,000

Job Openings: 3,040

Database architects help organizations grow and expand into new marketplaces through a creative vision and strategic goals. They create and manage large electronic databases to store and organize and manager vast amounts of data and work closely with software designers, design analysts to organize such databases to help further business goals.

2. Strategy Manager

Median Base Salary: $140,000

Job Openings: 6,900

Strategy managers are the head planners and analyzers of a company who act as the risk leaders when establishing strategic plans for a business. They also focus on developing corporate strategies that support business growth and stability.

1. Enterprise Architect

Median Base Salary: $144,997

Job Openings: 14,000

Enterprise architects take on the role of envisioning, communicating and evolving an organization’s enterprise architecture by addressing crucial aspects such as organizational structure, business processes and strategies, value streams, data and information as well as supporting technologies.