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10 Big Cybersecurity Bets For 2022 From Optiv CEO Kevin Lynch

Michael Novinson

From data governance, anti-ransomware and managed XDR to advisory services, managed implementation and faster delivery, here’s where Optiv CEO Kevin Lynch plans to place his bets in 2022.

Managed XDR And Anti-Ransomware  

Optiv is looking to build out technology-specific platforms with its ecosystem partners, starting with managed extended detection and response (XDR), where Lynch said logging and security analytics vendor Devo is positioned in the center as the first in a series of integration partners that the company will put into the platform.

Ecosystem partners don’t need to be voluminous or have a 20-year relationship with Optiv; all that’s important is that there’s something that the two organizations can build or do together. Following the inaugural managed XDR platform, Lynch said Optiv is looking to launch something new almost quarterly.

Right now, Lynch said Optiv has a lot of chips on the table focused on anti-ransomware since Lynch sees that market as massive and believes Optiv’s customers need something there. Optiv has therefore become very focused on building an infrastructure and resilience play to thwart ransomware in partnership with two of its vendors, according to Lynch.

“They want this bespoke at scale and they‘re all unique,” Lynch said. ”Even if you say, ’Look, I want to look at a vertical, I want to look at health care,’ which we play in to a very big degree, Every single one of our major clients is different in terms of their use, their configuration, their maturity, the size and scale of their security team. So you do have the ability to be innovative and serve them from this platform?”


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