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14 Top Cybersecurity Trends To Expect At Black Hat Conference

Michael Novinson

As Black Hat Conference 2021 kicks off amid vendor cancellations and a surge in COVID-19 cases in Las Vegas, CRN speaks with 14 prominent executives to see what cybersecurity trends they expect to be the talk of this year’s event.

Zero Trust Architectures

Zero trust architecture ties into so many things the federal government has been trying to wrestle with and solve and can minimize the risk associated with supply chain issues and ransomware threats, according to Bill Rucker, president at Trustwave Government Solutions. Zero trust is both an area of focus and frustration for government leaders since it means very different things to different people.

At its core, Rucker said zero trust is about knowing where data lives as well as which users have access to what data since organizations can’t defend what they don’t know exists. As government agencies increasingly push to share more data with one another, Rucker said a zero trust approach is vital to ensuring the data in question doesn’t become vulnerable.

There are a variety of tools that can scan networks and determine where data resides, but Rucker said the quality of those tools varies greatly since some are purpose-built to solve the job while others clearly aren’t. Organizations are starting to make sure they have the right tools in place to assess data location and sovereignty, according to Rucker.

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