Dangerous Security Mistakes That Can Take Your Company Down

Developing, implementing, and maintaining an IT security strategy is a task so rife with stress and second guessing that it could probably give Rip Van Winkle insomnia. CRN recently asked several IT security experts for their take on some of the most common errors in judgment companies make when it comes to securing their networks.

Their responses suggest that while many companies devote massive amounts of financial and human resources to the task of ensuring that a company's network is secure, there are systemic security oversights that frequently slip under the radar, putting companies at risk and creating a false sense of security.

John Stewart, chief security officer, Cisco Systems

Ryan Hamlin, general manager, Access and Security Division, Server and Tools Business at Microsoft

Samir Kapuria, a distinguished principal for Symantec Global Security Consulting, part of Symantec Global Services


Marc Maiffret, CTO of eEye Digital Security of Aliso Viejo, Calif.

David Vergara, director of product marketing for data security, Check Point Software Technologies

Joe Levy, CTO at SonicWall

Mitchell Ashley, CTO at StillSecure

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Paul Moriarty, director of Internet Content Security at Trend Micro

Jan Hichert, CEO and co-founder of Astaro