Olympic Phishing: 11 Scams To Watch

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It's a trend that seems to be here to stay -- spammers, phishers and malware writers capitalizing on highly publicized, well-trafficked media events as vehicles to propel and distribute their malicious payloads faster and more efficiently than ever before. No global event is more in the public eye than the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games. And the malware writers, even those with bad grammar, know that just about any subject line with the word "Olympic" is going to be opened by millions of people -- some of whom will receive malicious code instead of news, tickets or any variety of Olympic-themed products.

In the last few weeks, MessageLabs Researchers have detected a slew of Olympic spam. Here are a few subject lines to watch out for:

- Beijing Olympics cancelled, moved to Atlanta

- Emailing: Beijing takes dog off the menu for Olympics - Yahoo! News

- Obama buys 10 million Olympics ad

- 2008 Olympic Games will possible not take place

- Athletes ponder wearing masks to fight pollution - Olympics - Yahoo! Sports

- 2008 Olympic Games are under the threat

- FW: Learn Chinese for the Olympics

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