12 Hot Mobile Security Products That Protect Your Smartphone

It's not just data on your desktop that needs to be protected. With an increasingly mobile workforce and copious corporate and customer data stored on Blackberrys, laptops and PDAs, encryption becomes a necessity, not a luxury, for a secure network. Check Point Mobile Encryption completely secures enterprise data stored on smartphones and PDAs running Symbian, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone and Palm operating systems. The device and memory card data are encrypted automatically without user intervention, which provides a user-transparent yet fully-enforceable security policy.

Mobile devices get viruses too. And ESET Mobile Antivirus is able to detect malware attacks specifically for the mobile platform with the same non-intrusive experience delivered as on PCs. The mobile antivirus solution is effective for mobile devices with significant memory, processing and bandwidth constraints, incorporating a small footprint, efficient use of processing power and compact update files. Altogether, the solution includes real-time threat protection, on-demand and advanced on-access scanning, an activity log, automatic on-demand updates and an intuitive user interface. The solution is currently available in beta for Windows Mobile users.

PGP Mobile offers comprehensive data encryption for mobile devices, enabling quick protection for data that's stored, in use and shared with other users. The encryption solution provides flexibility that meets numerous data protection and sharing needs for mobile workers, with encryption capabilities for individual files, entire data volumes, archives or directories. Administrators can deploy PGP Mobile over-the-air, using the trusted key management and provisioning services of PGP Universal Server to accelerate setup. Users can also share their PGP Mobile encrypted data with other smartphone users- even those without encryption software -- by using self decrypting archives.

The Purple Magic, a sub-$100 3G phone by NXP Semiconductors and Purple Labs, runs Linux and a telecom real time operating OS on a single ARM9 core thanks to VirtualLogix's VLX virtualization technology. VirtualLogix's VLX can be used to create a trusted execution environment (TEE), which is securely isolated and independent of the main application open OS. The TEE protects mobile devices from m-commerce security threats by running anti-virus, firewall and other filtering services to protect them from malware. The TEE can also support device software provisioning, configuration and upgrades while protecting against malicious events such as DoS attacks.

CREDANT Mobile Guardian 6.0, from CREDANT Technologies protects company data on all major Pocket PCs and Smartphones across a broad range of operating systems and carrier networks. In addition to protecting mobile phone devices, the data security solution also encrypts data stored on PDAs, laptops, desktops, tablet PCs, USB sticks, iPods and MP3 players, combining authentication, automatic device detection, reporting and auditing, device synchronization control, application usage control, and policy-based encryption in a single architecture. CREDANT Mobile Guardian helps businesses secure company data on employee, contractor or partner-owned Smartphones and other mobile end point devices.

The recently updated RSA SecurID Token for BlackBerry smartphones allows users to leverage their mobile devices as SecurID two-factor authenticators, in addition to using them to use enterprise wireless networks for secure, no cost access to corporate applications. Designed to provide greater convenience to users and IT administrators, this mobile authenticator for BlackBerry is engineered to assure identities of users and mitigate risk according to the value and criticality of the accessed data, application or transaction.

Mac PCs are not the only Apple devices at risk from malware -- now that users can install applications on the iPhone and iPod touch, these devices are also susceptible to attack. While users can now add applications to the iPhone and iPod touch, they also risk installing applications that can harm or take control of these devices. The Intego VirusBarrier X5 10.5.3 provides comprehensive malware scanning technology for the iPhone and iPod touch and is the only antivirus software that can eradicate malware from both of these mobile devices. In addition to comprehensive malware scanning, on the iPhone and iPod touch, the VirusBarrier searches for files that indicate malicious exploits have compromised the devices.

Symantec Mobile Security Suite provides protection for smartphones against malicious threats and unauthorized access to sensitive corporate information by utilizing antivirus technology, an advanced firewall, password enforcement, phone feature control and encryption technology -- features which combine to ensure both protection of mobile assets and maintenance of regulatory compliance requirements. When used with the Symantec Mobile VPN, the Symantec Mobile Security Suite also provides policy enforcement by only allowing secure, regulatory compliant mobile devices to access the corporate network via the VPN.

Trend Micro Mobile Security is designed to protect smartphones and PDAs from data loss, infections, and attacks, all from a central enterprise console that can also manage desktop protection. Encryption and authentication technologies defend data integrity on lost or stolen devices. The anti-malware features block viruses, worms, Trojans, and SMS text message spam. Built-in firewall and IDS protects against hackers, intrusions, and denial-of-service attacks -- potential threats to the increasing number of Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices.

USA.NET, a subsidiary of Perimeter eSecurity, offers a Unified Mobility Platform (UMP) that delivers secure, device agnostic mobile messaging services on demand to businesses, including a full set of compliance and security features. The UMP supports BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Good Mobile Messaging, iPhone with ActiveSync, Windows Mobile and other leading handheld device management software. All handheld devices are able to access Microsoft Exchange's secure mobile features, including always-synched wireless email, remote kill capability, calendars, contacts and more. Each enterprise employee may select the device of their choice making it easy to accommodate business and personal needs via a single device.

With more employees, partners and customers connected over a more widely-distributed and mobile enterprise, there is greater demand for a single, centrally-managed gateway to control access to network resources. SonicWALL Aventail SSL VPNs provide complete application access with full security, control of the end point and unified policy management. Easy to use and control, SonicWALL Aventail SSL VPNs increase productivity by providing employees and partners with secure, clientless access to the resources they need from any device and from any location.

McAfee VirusScan Mobile provides a safe mobile experience with strong, real-time protection against viruses, worms, dialers, Trojans and battery-sapping malware. The VirusScan Mobile protects against the threats that originate from e-mail, instant messaging, and internet downloads. In addition, devices are also protected from threats stemming from SMS, MMS, Bluetooth and other entry points.