IBM Security Tools For The Midmarket

IBM Rational AppScan Express Edition

IBM Rational AppScan Express Edition, IBM's new software, is an automated security testing solution designed to help small- and mid-size companies address both external and internal Web security threats before they infiltrate the business. The tool enables users to scan and test for Web application vulnerabilities and subsequently provides streamlined advice on how to address or repair the errors.

In addition, IBM's latest addition to its Express Advantage Portfolio also helps SMB and mid-tier businesses adhere to mandatory regulatory compliance standards, such and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The latest Rational offering, paired with the expansion of Express Advantage threat mitigation services, provides mid-size businesses with necessary data protection tools in order meet numerous compliance standard goals.

Express Multi-Function Security Bundle

Aimed squarely at the mid-market, IBM's multi-function security bundle offers protection against network threats such as vulnerabilities, worms, viruses, spyware and spam in one single unified appliance. For customers who prefer a fully managed multi-function security solution, IBM is also delivering a service that provides comprehensive protection 24/7, along with monitoring with security functions that include firewall, VPN, behavioral and signature antivirus, intrusion prevention security, anti-spam and Web filtering.

Express Multi-Function Security Bundle (cont.)

Additionally, both offerings now include remote access functions with SSL VPN, which secures and protects data when employees have to work remotely. They also contain enhanced firewall capabilities and usability upgrades. Both the Express Multi-Function Security Bundle and the Express Managed Multi-Function Security Bundle have expanded across the globe into Greece, Israel, Turkey, Luxembourg, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.

IT Security Assessment Tool

IBM has partnered with the Aberdeen Group to develop the IT Security Assessment Tool, specifically targeting the midmarket. Altogether, the tool assists companies in assessing their IT infrastructure and security environment in order to determine where they are most susceptible to attack or exploit. The tool also helps businesses classify their most sensitive data, makes recommendations for improvements and provides regular detailed security threat reports for auditing and compliance purposes.