Symantec North American Partners Garner Awards

"We're absolutely thrilled. We worked hard. We've been a Symantec partner for many years. It's a great feeling that we try to sell high value to our customers and we certainly have a perception of where we are in the value chain, and then all of sudden we're recognized by Symantec. And it really is a great feeling.

The key thing is that we've invested very heavily in understanding the Symantec technologies, so when we were able to sell the licenses, we do complete professional and consulting services around it, all of the availability products, that's an important stream of revenue. We just build a relationship where we're take Enterprise Vault, and we're teaming with Symantec to build that as a managed services deliverable." -- Mike Shook, president and CEO

"We got lucky with the team we have in our region, one of the best channel managers we have and one of the best sales reps. So we've been able to leverage that and leverage our relationship with them. And we both go into accounts knowing that there's trust, that we're going to do right by them. When you trust the team, and believe in the products they've got going for you, you'll push those products in that account, no matter what." -- Todd Wilson, director of sales (pictured center)

"We're honored. We started out this year with a focus intent on growing it to build up relationships with a couple of key vendors. Symantec's at the top of that list. So the award is actually beyond the revenue. That recognition means a lot to us. To be able to set a goal and then receive "Rookie of the Year," that's fantastic." -- Mike Clesceri, executive vice president (pictured right)

"I think all there is a lot of opportunity. Because of our focus and amazing breadth of product, I'm excited about these aggressive stances that (Symantec) is taking. I trust them to do it methodically. I look forward to what they come up with." -- Kurt Klein, president

Accepting Symantec's U.S. LAR of the Year award is Tom Maloney, director of software sales for CDW.

CDW is a solution technology provider for business, government and education. The company is ranked No. 39 on the Forbes' List of America's Largest Private Companies.

Included among the company's specializations are notebooks, desktops, printers, servers and storage, unified communications, security, wireless, power and cooling, networking, software licensing and mobility solutions.

This year's U.S. Public Sector Partner of the Year award was accepted by Jennifer Keating, director of technology infrastructure for CDWG, flanked by Bill Robbins, Symantec senior vice president of the Americas Geography, (left), and Randy Cochran, vice president of North American Channel Sales.

CDWG, is the division of CDW specializing in government IT solutions. CDW is a global IT solutions provider for business, government and education.

Accepting Symantec's Canadian Partner of the Year award is Darlene Kelly, chief operating officer of TeraMach, with Bill Robbins, Symantec senior vice president of the Americas Geography, (left), and Randy Cochran, vice president of North American Channel Sales.

TeraMach is an Ontario-based company, specializing in storage, optimization, security and availability solutions for government, enterprise, and SMB clients, and dedicated to creating solutions that resolve business IT problems. TeraMach works with businesses that demand fast and innovative solutions to access, manage and protect significant amounts of critical and sensitive information.