25 Hot Security Products You'll See At RSA

It's the moment security resellers have been waiting for. The 2009 RSA Conference promises to have the latest and most innovative in security technology. But why wait for RSA to begin? Here is sneak peek at some of the hottest security suites, appliances, software and services the industry has to offer. Enjoy the show!

Protection for Sensitive Data at Rest -- organizations can secure sensitive content in a way that saves time and streamlines processes for data security personnel;

22 New Policy Templates -- RSA continues to provide one of the most comprehensive DLP policy and classification libraries in the industry;

Integration with RSA's Security Information and Event Management Platform -- RSA DLP 7.0 now works with RSA enVision, the market-leading SIEM offering, to simplify compliance; enhance security operations and risk mitigation; and optimize IT and network operations.

Trend Micro's Worry-Free Business Security Hosted for small offices protects multiple PCs and notebooks located in or out of the office from viruses and other threats. With single-install security, customers can centrally manage security and check the status of protected computers from anywhere without adding a server or installing server software. Trend Micro hosts and updates the service for you.

And Trend Micro hosts the Web security console, enabling customers to easily manage and review security from anywhere. Protection against threats from the Web is constantly updated by Trend Micro security experts and won't cause computer slowdown.

Microsoft Forefront Online Security for Exchange is a hosted e-mail security service that protects Microsoft Exchange and other e-mail systems from spam and malware. FOSE, which provides comprehensive protection through multiple scanning engines, is backed by 100 percent known virus detection and 98 percent spam detection SLA. File and keyword filtering technologies help prevent out-of-policy file and content-sharing through e-mail.

In addition, a powerful Web user interface includes realtime reporting and messaging tracing to reduce troubleshooting, management and network bandwidth costs associated with traditional filtering solutions. FOSE also provides end-user quarantine management, allowing end users to self-manage their spam and save the IT department time and money. Seamless integration with Active Directory minimizes the effort to provision the hosted filtering service and delivers 99.99 percent network uptime and less than one minute average message delivery time.

TippingPoint launched the availability of its Web Application Digital Vaccine (Web App DV) services, a two-part approach addressing the security threat posed by malicious Web applications. The new set of services enables TippingPoint customers to maximize their security investments, while reducing the risk of attacks through custom-built Web applications. In addition, the deployment of the Web App DV service allows organizations to show Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance while avoiding the pitfalls associated with the ambiguous protection offered by today's Web application firewalls.

Specifically, TippingPoint's Web App DV services identify and remediate vulnerabilities in customers' custom-built Web applications with a set of custom DV filters working in tandem with the standard DV filters to provide comprehensive network protection. The service begins with a scan of the application and associated URLs to determine weak points in the code and possible areas that could be exploited by malicious attacks, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting or reverse proxy. Once the scan is completed, the customer works with TippingPoint's DVLabs team to categorize the vulnerabilities by severity and create a custom filter or set of filters that will be deployed through the TippingPoint IPS.

InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper is a one-stop Host Integrity Check (HIC) and Network Access Control (NAC) product for organizations of all sizes. HIC capabilities screen endpoints and only allow them to access corporate networks if they meet security policy requirements.

The CyberGatekeeper, incorporating HIC integration, allows organizations to manage endpoint policy requirements across all user connection modes (wired, wireless or remote VPN), all user types (employee, contractor, guest or unknown), and a broad range of devices and platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS devices). The integrated solution does not require guests to have administrative privileges on their computers.

CyberGatekeeper can be deployed seamlessly in just a few hours, with minimal network changes. The product is available now in both appliance/software and software-only versions.

Alcatel-Lucent's OmniAccess 8550 Web Services Gateway ensures that companies transforming their businesses through process automation, Web 2.0 and cloud-computing services can secure and govern online user behavior to prevent fraud, mitigate risk and maintain compliance.

Key technology developments in the Alcatel-Lucent 8550 WSG Release 3.0 include:

Detailed, context-sensitive capture of usage patterns that lets organizations monitor and adapt to security breaches -- including fraudulent transactions from trusted users.

Efficient, flexible, high-performance policy evaluation and contextual policy enforcement for protection of private information.

Granular views of user-centric Web services, ensuring authorized individuals (including those offering third-party services) have access to the information they require.

Enhanced monitoring of user interactions and Web services, ensuring specified service level agreements.

Webroot is launching a partnership with ZixCorp that will embed the Zix e-mail encryption service into its next release of Webroot E-mail Security SaaS, aimed at helping organizations better protect employee and company data to meet compliance and data-security requirements.

Webroot Security Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provides on-demand Web, e-mail and archiving products that offer flexible and cost-effective alternatives to on-premise security. Webroot Email Security SaaS blocks harmful spam and viruses, while offering additional content filtering, encryption, archiving and business-continuity services. Webroot Web Security SaaS delivers URL and Web-content filtering, plus protection against today's complex Web-based malware threats. Security is also extended to mobile users, providing seamless protection for the entire organization. All Webroot Security SaaS solutions are implemented in the cloud, require no additional hardware or software, and are maintained by a global security company with a history of innovation.

Kaspersky's latest version of its security software for Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphones includes the features you would expect, blocking all known malware that targets mobile devices and spam sent via SMS, with additional settings for parental control of their children's mobile calls and information access. But because the majority of smartphone data loss stems from misplaced or stolen devices, Kaspersky Mobile Security 8.0 provides an encrypted folder for storing private information, ensuring the data can't be viewed if the device is left unattended. For devices that find their way to the backseat of a taxi, the SMS Find feature allows users to send a password via SMS to a lost device, which instructs the device to transmit its current GPS location and a link to Google Maps to its owner, displaying its exact coordinates via the phone's GPS capabilities.

If the mobile device has been stolen, its rightful owner can use the anti-theft module of Kaspersky Mobile Security 8.0 to block access to the device, or to wipe all data stored in its memory, preventing contacts or sensitive business information from being harvested. If the thief tries to circumvent these GPS tracking and data-deletion programs by replacing the device's SIM card, the SIM Watch module of Kaspersky Lab's software will notify the rightful owner of the device's new phone number, ensuring the user will maintain the ability to delete sensitive data and can provide the device's new number to law-enforcement agencies.

The new WatchGuard operating system, Fireware XTM, defends networks by adding innovative security features, including full HTTPS inspection, VoIP security, and IM and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) application blocking. The Fireware XTM also integrates new networking capabilities, including clustering, load-balancing and other networking features. In addition, the new operating system extends management capabilities by adding role-based access control (RBAC), centralized multibox management and enhanced reporting functions.

AppRiver is simplifying on-demand delivery of complete Messaging and Web Security Suite by offering a new centralized user interface. Specifically, AppRiver's new SaaS delivery platform eliminates the complex processes that businesses face as they manage their messaging environments. By integrating an entire technology suite into a single unified interface, AppRiver dramatically simplifies on-demand delivery and management of its e-mail and Web-security services. The company will be featuring demonstrations at Booth #2159 during the RSA Conference 2009.

Fortinet's FortiScan appliance is a new vulnerability management (VM) and compliance solution for endpoint assets, including desktops and laptops, as well as other network systems such as servers. Targeted to mid-to-large enterprises and government entities, the FortiScan-1000B appliance will help organizations protect thousands of computing assets by integrating numerous capabilities into a single device, including endpoint vulnerability management; industry and federal compliance; patch management and remediation; and network-level vulnerability management.

VeriSign is making it easier than ever for organizations to track and manage multiple Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates, regardless of the issuer. The Certificate Discovery Module is an enhancement to VeriSign's Managed PKI for SSL Services, designed for businesses that operate across complex heterogeneous infrastructures, and is offered free of charge.

Crossbeam is releasing a significant upgrade to its X-Series Next Generation Security Platform, which virtualizes best-of-breed security applications in demanding, high-performance network environments. The upgrade includes new application- and network-processing blades and an updated XOS operating system.

The enhanced X-Series consolidates up to 50 security and networking devices onto a single platform -- reducing energy consumption by up to 75 percent and creating the lowest total cost of ownership among competing security architectures. The X-Series also offers an advantage to resellers by enabling them to deploy an architecture that scales to meet evolving network security demands, while giving customers choice of best-of-breed security applications.

Bit9's Parity 5.0 software addresses (and prevents) the challenge of unauthorized software, making it easier for organizations to:

Assess in realtime whether any unauthorized software is running on a company's endpoints;

Pinpoint exactly what endpoints are in breach of policy (i.e., running unauthorized software) determined through a graphical representation of the network;

Quickly determine the safety of an application through a cloud-based reputation service.

The product is available and starts at $30 per endpoint with volume discounting.

Netgear is launching the ProSecure UTM family of appliances, the first line of Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances designed for small businesses that do not compromise on security functionality or performance.

The ProSecure UTM line, which starts with the UTM10 and UTM25 appliances, leverages security technologies from leading security partners and Netgear's patent-pending Stream Scanning technology to deliver comprehensive, high-performance security at a price point that maps to small business budgets.

In addition, the ProSecure UTM appliances come with simple subscription options without any per-user licensing. Netgear will display its full line of ProSecure solutions, including the recently announced STM Series of Web and E-mail Threat Management appliances for midsize businesses in booth #1757 at the RSA 2009 conference.

HP announced new enhancements to its HP Application Security Center, a suite of software and services that ensures the security of customers' Web applications. This solution allows companies to discover, fix and prevent vulnerabilities in their Web applications that can be exploited by hackers.

HP Assessment Management Platform 8.0 helps customers reduce costs and mitigate application risk across the enterprise through a distributed, scalable Web application security-testing platform. With the HP Assessment Management Platform 8.0, organizations can prioritize their security efforts according to their business needs and track progress at an enterprise level. This approach allows organizations to focus their limited security resources on issues that have the greatest business impact.

HP Assessment Management Platform 8.0 software also helps customers set up a Center of Excellence (CoE) for application security. By using this model to test applications for security vulnerabilities within existing development, quality assurance and operations processes, organizations can increase security coverage across the enterprise at minimal cost. This model also helps organizations find and fix security vulnerabilities earlier in the application design process, which helps to further reduce costs.

Check Point's latest R70 Security Gateway utilizes the company's unique Software Blade Architecture, which enables businesses to select from a library of more than 20 'software blades' that provide the necessary security infrastructure they need to build custom security gateways. As part of R70 and the new architecture, Check Point introduced the IPS Software Blade, which provides customers integrated intrusion prevention at multi-gigabit performance levels. Check Point's IPS Software Blade delivers comprehensive, pre-emptive protection with new dynamic IPS management functionalities that allow a user to focus directly on the most sensitive data, while offering true visibility into security events associated with critical systems or behaviors of interest.

WebDefend 3.5, a Web application firewall appliance, provides organizations with unique out-of-line deployment and effective blocking capabilities while offering more flexibility in their blocking options. Based on Breach Security's proven, reliable in-line technology, the new deployment option allows organizations to install WebDefend between their Web servers and the Internet for active blocking of Web-application attacks. No network reconfiguration is required. In addition, WebDefend will continue to be available as an out-of-line appliance.

Other WebDefend features include:

Geographic details for security events: Using advanced geo-location technology, WebDefend allows organizations to track the locations of each event;

Customizable event views: WebDefend allows organizations to centrally manage the information users see within the management console.

Web 2.0 application support: With the release of version 3.5, WebDefend protects interactive Web applications featuring user-supplied text, such as blogs and wikis.

Enhanced detection engine: WebDefend provides protection against the latest attacks, including lateral SQL injections, e-mail-harvesting robots and file-inclusion attacks.

The new Websense V10000 secure Web gateway appliance is the only solution that categorizes specific content on Web pages, such as 'mash ups' -- not just the Web pages themselves -- allowing IT managers to grant access to Web 2.0 sites while employees are protected from parts of the sites that are inappropriate or a security risk.

The new ArcSight Express is a specialized appliance dedicated to the SMB and sold largely through the channel. It's designed to tackle the most difficult IT issues faced in small markets, including lack of dedicated staff with limited security expertise. Meanwhile, SMBs and midmarket businesses say they have the same security challenges as the enterprise, but fewer staff and resources to adequately protect their network infrastructures and defend against increasingly sophisticated security threats.

ArcSight Express works as a security expert right out of the box, entailing comprehensive prebuilt rules and reports, but simplified for the SMB administrators who prefer an easy application that doesn't require customized tuning. As a result, ArcSight Express enables SMB IT administrators to plug it in and let it do its job.

AppDetectivePro is the de facto database scanning-and-auditing solution for some of the world's largest auditing organizations and IT advisers. Specifically, the AppDetective User Rights Review (URR) module, which can be purchased separately, or as part of the comprehensive AppDetectivePro 6.0 database-scanning solution, provides auditors, IT advisers and consultants with a detailed view of an organization's data ownership, access controls and rights to sensitive information. In addition, AppDetectivePro assesses the security strength of database applications and provides users with a 'hacker's point-of-view' to gain a unique perspective on their organization's risk posture.

Key updates include:

Cross-platform support for all Tier 1 DBMS, including Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Sybase, MySQL and Lotus Notes/Domino;

The industry's most extensive vulnerability knowledge base, consisting of more than 2,000 vulnerabilities, more than 1,400 checks and more than 1,000 rules;

Agent-less database discovery and scanning;

'Outside-In' Penetration Testing and 'Inside-In' Audit Scanning;

Automated 'Fix Script' generation.

Delivered through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, QualysGuard WAS delivers automated crawling and testing for custom Web applications in order to identify the most common vulnerabilities, including SQL injection and cross-site scripting. QualysGuard WAS scales to scan any number of Web applications, internal or external, in production or development environments.

Now organizations can manage Web applications, launch scans and generate reports using the familiar QualysGuard UI. Additional QualysGuard WAS features and customer benefits include:

Crawling & Link Discovery: An embedded Web crawler parses HTML and some JavaScript to extract links. QualysGuard WAS automatically balances breadth and depth of discovered links to crawl up to 5,000 links per Web application;

Authentication: QualysGuard WAS incorporates HTTP Basic, Digest and NTLM server-based authentications, as well as Simple form authentication;

Performance Tuning: QualysGuard WAS provides granular, user-determined bandwidth-level control for parallel scanning to limit impact on application performance;

Sensitive Content: The application enables automated expression search for content in HTML, such as Social Security Number;

Workflows for Defining Scans and Reviewing Reports: QualysGuard WAS provides logical scan and reporting workflows for each Web application.

NCP engineering GmbH has launched a new version of the NCP Secure Enterprise Management (SEM) System, designed specifically for companies with large, complex VPN environments. The flexible software solution makes VPN management simple by connecting to all IPSec and SSL components to optimize each connection, while maintaining strong policy-enforcement and rule-set creation. A single administrator is able to easily configure and manage the entire VPN and network access control (NAC) environment from one central station.

For network administrators who oversee multiple VPNs across corporate divisions, or IT services companies who maintain many client VPNs, the NCP SEM System 2.02 features improved activity-log viewing and the extension of multicompany applications. All log messages are allocated to the relevant network administrator and are invisible to other companies, allowing for the easy and secure management of several independent VPNs. The administrator can monitor traffic and capacity for each component of each network, all from a single PC screen. Built-in transition software ensures redundancy systems guarantee high availability of the management system, avoiding costly downtime and loss of policy settings.

PGP Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition is a full-disk encryption solution specifically tailored to small businesses and enterprise workgroups that need to protect data on laptops, desktops and USB devices, and support compliance mandates without requiring specialized training or dedicated hardware.Designed for environments with between10 to 150 users, the PGP Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition is comprised of the PGP Whole Disk Encryption Controller management application for Microsoft Windows and PGP Whole Disk Encryption client software.

PGP Whole Disk Encryption Controller is a simple, intuitive management console that can run on the customer's Windows system without requiring any additional servers or databases -- only basic Windows administration knowledge is needed. With just a few simple clicks, administrators can configure policy and rapidly deploy PGP Whole Disk Encryption to all user systems using any software deployment tool. As a result, the small businesses can focus on innovating and growing, while the PGP Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition transparently protects employee, partner and customer data. The Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition is affordably priced at $99 per seat.

CA Enterprise Log Manager is a new product developed to collect, manage and archive the log data from various IT systems and security devices, including firewalls, operating systems, applications and more. Its capabilities, features and its delivery method streamline Security Information Management to provide rapid value to customers while offering aggregated reports that help verify compliance and support security investigations. CA Enterprise Log Manager provides predefined and customizable log management report templates mapped to common security-auditing guidelines and compliance regulations, such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, and more, which can be received via e-mail and run on schedule or on demand.