10 Hot Security Products You'll See At Interop Las Vegas

The Check Point Power-1 11000 series appliances combine Check Point's firewall, IPsec VPN, intrusion prevention (IPS) Software Blades with advanced acceleration, and networking technologies that deliver a high-performance security platform for multi-Gbps environments. The appliance also offers firewall performance of up to 25 Gbps throughput combined with breakthrough intrusion prevention performance of up to 15 Gbps. The Power-1 11000 series appliances are the first security gateways to take advantage of the latest Intel Xeon processor 5500 chipset (Nehalem). As new applications and network-layer threats appear, Power-1 appliances can be updated with the latest protections and expanded with additional software blades to add more security capabilities. Power-1 is operated from the Check Point management servers, enabling customers to centrally manage security policy for all sites through a single management console.

AppRiver protects businesses' mission-critical e-mail operations during outage with its free Digital Disaster Recovery program. In the event of a natural disaster, AppRiver will help businesses operate seamlessly during an outage by maintaining two-way communication and record-keeping of all email activity. Once the danger passes and connectivity is restored, AppRiver will synchronize all outage-period e-mail activity with the customer's e-mail server, free of charge. AppRiver will be displaying its Digital Disaster Recovery program at booth #653.

CA Role & Compliance Manager helps customers more efficiently manage the lifecycle of an employee identity within an organization -- from identity creation to removal from the system. The manager also helps address compliance concerns caused by orphan accounts and invalid entitlements, while offering increased flexibility for integration with external systems. The CA Role & Compliance Manager centralized Web interface, left, allows managers to view, validate and certify the accuracy of their employees' entitlements or access rights.

The WatchGuard SSL 100 is a highly secure, easy-to-use and extremely flexible, all-in-one SSL VPN appliance that gives small businesses an affordable way to provide their remote and mobile workers with network access and application delivery for maximum productivity. Ideal for businesses with up to 500 users, the WatchGuard SSL 100 supports up to 100 concurrent connections. Unlike other vendor SSL VPN offerings that require additional add-ons or expensive service contracts, the WatchGuard SSL 100 provides a complete and comprehensive array of features that are designed to provide maximum ease of use, flexibility and high security for less than $2,000.

Trusted Computing Group has extended its Trusted Network Connect (TNC) architecture to enable security any time, anywhere and with any device. The three new specifications enable support for clientless end points; allow federated identity and authentication for users across domains; and support any IP network. These extensions, combined with the TNC metadata access protocol, mean that a wide variety of devices can be monitored, health-checked and remediated. Physical security devices, such as badge readers, can be connected to the rest of the network. Printers, VoIP phones, handheld devices and others that connect to the network can be monitored and can communicate with the rest of the network security.

For office employees, users are health-checked, monitored and provisioned, along with supported physical security. For guest access or a conference room scenario, TNC interfaces provide differentiation and access control enforcement for a wide variety of users in mixed-use environments. For remote workers, TNC interface offers consistency along with thorough compliance checking. Optional integration with a TPM provides additional hardware-based assessment to thwart rootkits. Trusted Computing Group will be showing demonstrations of pervasive security across the enterprise at Interop, Las Vegas.

The Astaro Web Gateway provides integrated URL filtering, malware detection, instant messaging and peer-to-peer application control, as well as bandwidth optimization to completely secure Web access. Other key features include HTTPS, HTTP, FTP scanning, dual antivirus engines, active directory/e-directory integration and clustering capabilities, which provides SMBs with a comprehensive solution for web security.

The Astaro Mail Gateway combats the myriad security risks of e-mail communication. It features high-capacity filtering with a patented antispam engine and dual virus scanners, S/MIME and PGP encryption, and message management. Users can also manage individual quarantines and black/whitelists, reducing administrator load.

ESET Smart Security 4 is a tightly integrated security solution designed to provide effective protection to combat today's huge volumes of Web and e-mail-borne threats. Utilizing ESET's advanced ThreatSense technology, Smart Security 4 delivers proactive protection against most new attacks during the first critical hours. ESET Smart Security 4 home edition offers antivirus, antispyware, antispam and personal firewall. ESET Smart Security Business Edition also includes Remote Administrator 3, the latest version of ESET's remote deployment and management capabilities.

With an advanced management console, ESET Smart Security 4 is easy to deploy and maintain on large networks. Smart Security enables administrators to tailor policies to the needs of diverse groups/classes of users. By adding more than 20 new capabilities, ESET Smart Security 4 provides comprehensive, proactive protection with minimal impact on computer performance. ESET Smart Security 4 combines accuracy, speed and an extremely small system footprint to create one of the most effective security solutions. Smart Security also provides a high level of malware detection, few false-positives and significantly lower performance overhead.

CA DLP is part of the company's focus to help customers secure data, control access to IT resources and facilitate compliance with various information security regulations, obtained with its Orchestria transaction in January 2009. This CA DLP drill-down dashboard, featured at the left, provides an executive overview and snapshot of information to help verify compliance.

The Barracuda Web Filter 1010 is an integrated appliance that provides integrated malware protection, content filtering, application policy control, and an embedded database and reporting engine. A single Barracuda Web Filter 1010 can handle one Gigabit per second (Gbps) throughput and features a Web cache size of one Terabyte (TB). The Barracuda Web Filter 1010 has the ability to manage policy for up to 15,000 TCP connections and 12,000 concurrent users at one time, while offering four network interfaces that can be used simultaneously in WCCP deployment or in two LAN/WAN pairs in an inline deployment. Multiple Barracuda Web Filter 1010 models can be clustered for both scalability and redundancy.

Through the Barracuda Control Center, Barracuda Web Filter models of different sizes can be centrally managed, which enables administrators to enforce Internet policy across an entire distributed organization. Starting at $89,999 with no per-user fees, the Barracuda Web Filter 1010 is one of the most affordable high-capacity Web-filtering appliances on the market targeting enterprises and large organizations.

StillSecure, a provider of secure network infrastructure solutions, launched new content filtering and antispam offerings for its ProtectPoint managed security services. These new services expand upon the existing offering by providing user-based filtering and spam quarantining for easier administration and management of e-mail and Internet-browsing protocols.

The new ProtectPoint content-filtering service provides user-based filtering, allowing administrators to easily monitor and report on an end user's e-mail and Internet behavior, regardless of physical location or IP address. It enforces acceptable use policies, decreases the threat of legal issues due to unauthorized content (e.g., P2P music sharing) and saves costs by decreasing bandwidth utilization.

The new ProtectPoint antispam service, scalable to tens of thousands of users, reduces the nuisance of unwanted e-mail by protecting organizations against the incessant delivery of spam, phishing, viruses and other malware. It is cost-effective, easy to implement and works with all e-mail systems, including Exchange, Notes and open-source alternatives.