20 Hot Security Products For SMBs

The SonicWALL TZ 210 Series of network security appliances eliminates firewall performance bottlenecks while delivering strong Unified Threat Management (UTM) protection. Offering both protection and performance, the TZ 210 delivers inspection speeds of up to 200 Mbps, dramatically improving network performance while allowing SMB customers to get the most out of their network investments. The TZ 210 Series incorporates a full range of firewall capabilities in an easy-to-manage solution that can adapt to standalone or distributed configurations. It also uses SonicWALL's patented Deep Packet Inspection technology to analyze and eliminate viruses, spyware and other threats. The appliance is now available for $895.

Symantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition is an easy-to-use, "all-in-one" suite that secures customers' critical business assets and information against today's complex malware and spam threats, and rapidly recovers data or computer systems. It includes proven technologies from endpoint security and messaging security, and backup and recovery. Symantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition provides strong defense against e-mail-borne threats and security risks, while enabling rapid data or system recovery.

With easy management features, superior performance and reliable recovery capabilities, this all-inclusive suite is designed for small businesses so they can have confidence that assets are continuously protected while focusing on running their business.

The NetGear ProSecure Security Threat Management (STM) line offers small- to midsize businesses enterprise-strength Web filtering, spam and virus security at an SMB price point. Combining enterprise-class security features and patent-pending Stream Scanning technology, the STM line offers three platforms that can accommodate up to 600 concurrent users. Available now through NetGEear's reseller partners, the STM begins at a price point of $1,000 with no per-user licensing fees.

Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security solutions, powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, provide a safer, smarter and easier way to protect business assets. Compared to having a global neighborhood watch, this next-generation security infrastructure provides a unique approach to blocking viruses, spyware, spam and Web threats before they reach the business network. High Performance, Zero Administration Worry-Free Business Security continuously updates protection. And at least 80 percent of updates residing on the local security server -- not on users' PCs -- enable fast scanning to stop the latest threats without significantly impacting performance over time. Plus it's easy -- users stay protected with zero administration.

Small Business Worry-Free Business Security offers protection from viruses, spyware and other Web threats in three editions: Hosted for small offices; Standard, for small businesses with servers and PCs; and Advanced, which stops spam before it can reach business networks. Worry-Free Business Security Hosted allows channel partners to have control over managed services. The hosted edition also provides service for very small business segments without servers. There is one single install, minimal installation/deployment effort and constant security updates by Trend Micro. For customers with infrastructure and servers, resellers can offer the client-server choice, Worry-Free Business Security 6.0.

Websense Hosted Web & Email Security offers an integrate solution that provides comprehensive Internet protection, ensuring a safe and threat-free environment. Websense Hosted Web & Email Security provides day-zero protection in real-time from all types of e-mail attacks and compromised Web sites. It also offers a lower total cost of ownership with no hardware, software, or failover equipment to purchase and no ongoing capacity or bandwidth expenses. With Websense Hosted Web & Email Security, partners can offer a simple, centralized deployment solution for organizations with distributed offices and remote employees.

AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition provides comprehensive security protection for Small and Medium businesses' workstations and file servers, and features AVG's LinkScanner technology, delivering real-time safe surf and safe search capabilities. Centralized installation and configuration makes the product easy to use and to manage, and free support and service is part of the scalable licensing agreement. Key technologies within AVG Antivirus Network edition also include Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Rootkit, LinkScanner and Webshield, which, when combined with high-speed automatic updates, ensures 'round the clock protection. AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition lets employees focus on business while AVG focuses on protecting them.

Panda Managed Office Protection is a Web-based desktop malware-protection service that relieves SMBs and their VARs from the need to procure additional hardware, employ dedicated maintenance personnel, and add other resources typically required to support traditional endpoint security. As a hosted service, Panda Managed Office Protection provides an easy-to-use Web console, which enables organizations and their outsourced service providers to manage protection anytime from anywhere -- including remote offices not connected to the LAN -- without requiring additional infrastructure investments. In addition, VARs have the option to offer flexible subscriptions to Panda's security service instead of selling antivirus products, saving SMB customers from using valuable personnel and resources to maintain a network security solution themselves.

PGP Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition is a full-disk encryption solution specifically tailored to small businesses and enterprise workgroups that need to protect data on laptops, desktops and USB devices, and support compliance requirements without requiring specialized training or dedicated hardware. Designed for environments with from 10 to 150 users, the PGP Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition is comprised of the PGP Whole Disk Encryption Controller management application for Microsoft Windows and PGP Whole Disk Encryption client software. PGP Whole Disk Encryption Controller is a simple, intuitive management console that can run on the customer's Windows system and does not require any additional servers or databases -- only basic Windows administration knowledge is needed.

With just a few simple clicks, administrators can configure policy and rapidly deploy PGP Whole Disk Encryption to all user systems using any software deployment tool. At an affordable $99 per seat, small companies can focus on innovating and growing their businesses, while the PGP Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition transparently protects employee, partner and customer data, so that they can maintain compliance and safeguard their brand and customer trust.

The NetGear ProSecure Unified Threat Management (UTM) line of appliances is designed to provide comprehensive, all-in-one gateway security to SMBs. In one box, the UTM combines patent-pending Stream Scanning technology, application proxy firewall, VPN, antivirus, antispyware, antispam, intrusion prevention and URL filtering for total protection. The UTM line will be available in July from NetGear's reseller partners beginning at $375 with a two-year warranty.

Mailprotector is advancing the managed e-mail security industry with a complete managed security suite for SMBs that protects all e-mail hardware and software platforms (Exchange, GroupWise, IMail, SmarterMail, Sendmail, qMail, Merak and all others) from outside the network perimeter. Mailprotector provides uninterrupted virus and vulnerability scanning, spam and phishing filtration, attack, as well as e-mail backup protection, to more than 3,000 organizations on six continents delivered through the channel. Mailprotector is a completely managed, rapidly deployable service differentiated by high-touch personal support. The company eliminates the hassles of installing, updating and maintaining software, which helps organizations stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated e-mail attacks.

BitDefender's Business Solutions are designed with the needs of growing and emerging companies in mind, enhancing business productivity and reducing management and malware-related costs by enabling centralized administration, protection and control of workstations, servers and traffic inside companies' networks. BitDefender's Business Solutions support user control functions, which increase employee productivity and reduce network traffic by blocking applications and Web sites, setting Web time intervals, and blocking Web pages and e-mails based on keywords.

BitDefender's Business Solutions also improve network management capabilities through the use and support of WMI Scripts, which reduce administration workload and costs, by allowing IT administrators to remotely access network computers, as well improve network visibility through centralized work audits.

Specifically designed for small and midsize businesses (SMBs), the Barracuda SSL VPN 180 features a compact form factor and supports up to 15 concurrent users in a single unit. Priced at $699 with no per-user fees, the Barracuda SSL VPN 180 is one of the most affordable SSL VPN solutions available for SMBs. The SSL VPN is an integrated hardware and software solution enabling secure, clientless remote access to internal network resources from any Web browser. In addition, the full Barracuda SSL VPN line will now offer a cache-cleaning utility to ensure that users who access internal network resources remotely from a public or shared computer through the Barracuda SSL VPN can clear the session after logging off. When enabled, the cache-cleaning utility automatically runs when users log off or disconnect, clearing all traces of the secure session from the Web browser cache and history.

Kaspersky Mobile 7.0 protects users by locking down lost phones to prevent intruders from accessing data, remotely wiping all data from a phone if stolen, and e-mailing users a new number if an intruder attempts to install a new SIM card, as well as offering protection from all known malware signatures and SMS spam blocking.

Meanwhile, Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition 7.0, designed for larger SMBs, has the functionality of the existing 7.0 consumer product (antitheft blocking, remote data-wipe, SIM card monitoring, antivirus/antispam), but differs in that it can be centrally deployed and managed.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition provides easy-to-use, enterprise-level protection that optimizes performance and system resources so small businesses can get up and running quickly. It leverages award-winning Symantec Endpoint Protection technology, which integrates enterprise-class technologies into a single, integrated software agent to protect against today's sophisticated threats. Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition is a low-impact solution and is easy to install, deploy and manage, saving customers both time and money.

The simple management capabilities, 20-minute deployment, and pre-configured settings as well as a streamlined user interface and preconfigured settings make it 'ready-to-go' so small businesses can focus on running and growing their businesses instead of worrying about security.

The Firebox X Edge XTM is a standalone firewall and VPN solution for small businesses, remote offices and telecommuters. It delivers powerful network protection, with integrated IPSec and SSL VPN for secure remote connectivity. Easy-to-use management tools make it an excellent choice for small businesses with limited IT resources. The Edge is also the ideal endpoint for connecting a secure VPN tunnel back to a WatchGuard XTM or Firebox X Core or Peak appliance. It is available in both wired and wireless models to meet specific SMB network requirements. Prices start at $1,060, including Live Security Support.

The TippingPoint 10 (TP 10) is a full-featured Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) in a small form factor that preserves availability, performance and security on remote networks. Designed to help organizations keep malicious traffic off their remote office and/or branch office networks, the TPSymantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition 10 provides comprehensive traffic inspection and filtering using TippingPoint's Digital Vaccine service to identify and block security threats before they impact the network. The TP 10 IPS operates in-line, blocking malicious and unwanted traffic, while allowing good traffic to pass unimpeded.

The TP 10 is optimized for sub-20-Mbps link speeds that are predominant in business DSL and Metro Ethernet services. The solution can be deployed in front or behind the remote location's router/firewall, immediately protecting the network and applications from inbound threats. And with its integrated Zero Power High Availability capabilities, a simple power failure will not cause a complete network outage.

The Astaro Web Gateway provides integrated URL filtering, malware detection, instant messaging and peer-to-peer application control, as well as bandwidth optimization to completely secure Web access. Other key features include HTTPS, HTTP, FTP scanning, dual antivirus engines, active directory/e-directory integration and clustering capabilities, which provides SMBs with a comprehensive solution for Web security.

The Astaro Mail Gateway combats the myriad security risks of e-mail communication. It features high-capacity filtering with a patented antispam engine and dual virus scanners, S/MIME and PGP encryption, and message management. Users can also manage individual quarantines and black/whitelists, reducing administrator load.

Juniper's SRX3000 line delivers the flexibility, security, scalability, operational simplicity and reliability required by high-performance businesses to deploy next-generation services. The SRX3400 and SRX3600 can significantly reduce network complexity and lower total cost of ownership by up to 65 percent, while drastically reducing both power consumption and needed rack space by up to 80 percent.

Cisco's Web Security Appliance protects small and midsize companies with advanced capabilities to identify and block malware from entering a corporate network, to create and enforce acceptable use policies, and to ensure sensitive data is not inadvertently being sent out of the company. Threats like Gumblar are disabled before doing any damage to a user or a business.

ArcSight Express is a specialized appliance dedicated to the SMB and sold largely through the channel. It is designed to tackle the most difficult IT issues small markets face, including lack of dedicated staff with limited security expertise. Meanwhile, SMBs and midmarket businesses say they have the same security challenges as the enterprise, but fewer staff and resources to adequately protect their network infrastructures and defend against increasingly sophisticated security threats.

ArcSight Express works as a security expert right out of the box, incorporating comprehensive prebuilt rules and reports, but simplified for the SMB administrators who prefer an easy application that doesn't require customized tuning. As a result, ArcSight Express enables SMB IT administrators to plug it in and let it do its job.