10 Hot DLP Products

Au contraire, most organizations would say. Data breaches grace news headlines almost on a daily basis. And in addition to lost data, companies often lose reputation, respect and customers. Here are 10 data loss prevention (DLP) products to help keep companies' names out of the papers.

Trend Micro LeakProof 5.0 is a DLP solution that reduces complexity and costs -- with broad coverage, high performance and deployment flexibility. Available in two versions, LeakProof Standard helps organizations comply with regulatory mandates by securing employee and customer data. LeakProof Advanced offers the same protection, plus advanced DataDNA fingerprinting to secure intellectual property.

Both versions include a client and server. LeakProof Client communicates with the server to receive policy and fingerprint updates and report violations, while the LeakProof Server provides a central point of visibility and control for discovery, fingerprint extraction, policy enforcement and reporting. The server is available as a hardware appliance or software virtual appliance -- for greater flexibility and lower costs.

Altogether, LeakProof offers "out of the box" templates to help companies address regulatory compliance mandates such as PCI, HIPAA, GLBA and SB1386. In addition, LeakProof features filter control for potential loss vectors such as Windows File Sharing, Cut & Paste, P2P and Skype, as well as device control, remote fingerprint extraction for file systems, improved usability and Active Directory integration.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention products and services deliver a unified solution to discover, monitor and protect confidential data wherever it is stored or used. Symantec offers comprehensive coverage of confidential data across endpoint, network and storage systems -- whether the users are on or off the corporate network. By measurably reducing risk, Symantec gives organizations new confidence to demonstrate compliance while protecting their customers, brand and intellectual property.

Websense Data Security Suite is a DLP solution that provides content, context and destination awareness, allowing administrators to view and manage all company information -- where it's located, how it's accessed and by whom. Websense Data Security Suite includes four fully integrated data loss prevention modules that work together to prevent data leakage, secure business processes and help manage compliance and risk by discovering where data is located, monitoring its use and protecting it on the network and at the endpoint.

The RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite offers a robust and comprehensive solution that discovers and protects sensitive information in the data center, on the network and on endpoints. The DLP suite, which integrates with the RSA enVision platform to simplify security operations, also provides a comprehensive DLP policy and classification libraries with more than 122 different policy templates maintained and updated by RSA's Information Policy and Classification Research Team.

BorderWare Data Loss Prevention secures, monitors, records, quarantines and blocks data-in-motion over multiple protocols, providing an extensive risk management and policy enforcement boundary. By developing the technology within the BorderWare Security Platform, DLP is consolidated for a single view for policy management. It also protects and reports across both e-mail and Web platforms. In addition, BorderWare's DLP solution enables knowledge-based structuring of content, which allows the solution's framework to make more accurate and faster decisions based on the content passed through the BorderWare engine.

McAfee Total Protection for Data protects customers' data while in use, in transit and at rest against loss or theft. The DLP solution offers strong encryption, authentication, data loss prevention and policy-driven security controls to help customers prevent unauthorized access to their sensitive information. In addition, the DLP solution helps customers design, implement and manage companywide security policies that control how employees use and transfer their sensitive information via common channels such as e-mail, IM, printing and USB drives.

CA DLP protects against end-user data misuse at all locations: endpoint, message server, stored data and network. This image is an example of CA DLP interacting on an endpoint with an end user after detecting the attempted transfer of a file containing intellectual property to removable media. The "warn" is a mature feature of CA DLP, offering a powerful means of educating users by allowing them to self-remediate their behavior and lower the review burden for IT and security.

The CA DLP Management Dashboard enables various levels of management to quickly obtain an aggregated and centralized view of data loss and misuse across the enterprise. The formats for the dashboard panes and charts are configurable by the end user. The user can also drill down into a chart element in order to access specific activities, with formats that include pie chart wedges and a bars/columns chart.

The Cisco IronPort S-Series Web security appliance is a secure Web gateway that combines traditional URL filtering, reputation filtering, malware filtering and data security on a single platform to address the latest Web threats for companies of any size -- from SMB to global corporations and ISPs. By combining innovative technologies, the Cisco IronPort S-Series helps organizations address the growing challenges of both securing and controlling Web traffic, delivering comprehensive Web security protection and enterprise-class performance as threats from botnets and exploited legitimate sites become more complex and sophisticated.

Across all key communication protocols -- e-mail, instant messaging, Web mail and file transfer -- Cisco IronPort C-Series offers a simple upgrade for any C-Series appliance to become a high-performance, intelligent DLP solution -- a must-have for today's organizations.