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18 Attention Grabbers From CES Opening Night

OK, so the recession is still lurking like a hungry panther, but that doesn't mean people aren't still captivated by the latest gadgets. Although CES 2010 isn't as big as in previous years, exhibitors at a special opening night event Tuesday showed off products that were dazzling, intriguing, and often downright amusing. Here we offer a glimpse of 18 products that had onlookers jostling for a better look.

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Parrot USA, best known for making Bluetooth hands-free products, this year will launch its Parrot AR.Drone, a "quadricopter" (helicopter with four propellers) that's controllable through Wi-Fi and streams live video back to an iPhone or iPod Touch.

In addition to so called "augmented reality" gaming, this device has all sorts of unintended usage scenarios, almost all of which would probably be illegal, or at the very least, enough to get teenage kids grounded for weeks. It hovers in the air and emits only a faint whirring noise, making it perfect for remote surveillance.

The Parrot AR.Drone is the result of four years of research and development, and it shows: This contraption was easily the most bizarre and fascinating product at the opening night event, as can easily be surmised from the confused expressions on spectators' faces.

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