Botnets: Trouble From A To Zbot

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The Waledac botnet, one of the ten largest networks of compromised computers on the Internet, earned its reputation by propelling spam and fake Web site campaigns.

Waledac authors propagate the malware by launching deliberate campaigns in the form of spam or spoofing Web sites, which often relies on some kind of social engineering trickery.

In recent months Microsoft, and other members of the security and academic communities, have made a concerted effort to thwart the botnet by obtaining permission from a Virginia court to disconnect 277 Internet domains connected to Zbot command and control center.

Prior to the domain takedown, Microsoft identified around 651 million spam messages directed at Hotmail alone by the Waledac botnet, while estimating that the botnet was responsible for sending about 1.5 billion spam messages per day.

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