IT Security Predictions For 2011

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Botnets Will Rise, Botnets Will Fall

In 2011, almost everything will get bigger, including botnet infections. Researchers at Fortinet predict that botnet owners will deploy new and increasingly sophisticated attack mechanisms to ensure guaranteed infection rates that will lead to greater cash flow.

But wait! In response to the anticipated skyrocketing infection rates, there will be a surge in global collaborative takedowns. Yes, that means more countries and organizations will actually work together.

The concept isn't completely unprecedented. Thus far, successful examples include the Conficker Working Group, the FBI -initiated Operation Bot Roast and the joint initiative leading to the Waledac takedown, as well as recent international efforts to bust the Mariposa, Pushdo, Zeus, and Bredolab botnets. So far, this method seems to work. As such, expect to see more collaborative action to take down the biggest botnets in 2011.

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