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New Tricks For Old Security Attacks: 8 Q2 Trends To Watch

Stefanie Hoffman

Q2 Security Attacks Take New Form

With the close of the second quarter, inevitably comes a barrage of retrospective analysis on the threat landscape.

Kicking off the quarter was a rapidly spreading Fake AV attack that knocked the socks off Mac users when it swept ungallantly through their OS Xs. Additionally over the last three months, researchers have agreed that the threat landscape has evolved to include a dearth of mobile malware, particularly for the open source Google Android OS, as more and more users rely on their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices for day to day activities.

Also during this quarter, political hacktivists have taken center stage in order to execute a slew of high-profile, public attacks, protesting everything from the Turkish government to the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit system.

Here are a few of the quarter’s security attack highlights.

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