New Tricks For Old Security Attacks: 8 Q2 Trends To Watch

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The Rise Of Mobile Malware

Researchers have seen a huge spike in malware designed to attack mobile platforms, and the upward trajectory doesn’t seem to be coming to a halt any time soon.

According to a Q2 McAfee Threats Report Google’s Android OS seemed to be the attack vector of choice. During Q2, Android malware comprised about 60 percent of the total 1,200 mobile malware samples collected by McAfee researchers, representing a 76 percent increase from Q1, according to the McAfee report.

One popular Android attack was the KunFu Backdoor, which collects information about the infected device and sends it to cyber criminals and then waits to receive commands from the control servers found to be using hosting services based in China. KunFu Backdoor Trojan, spread via unofficial app stores, can be installed without any knowledge and will download malicious app bundles and Web sites. The Trojan is mainly spread via unofficial app stores and primarily targets Chinese users.

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