25 Hot Security Products To Watch

Security Products That Rock

With the myriad of data breaches and cyber attacks that occur on a regular basis, organizations are constantly looking for better ways to defend their networks and protect their data. Indeed many of the latest attacks have become more complex, relying on advanced persistent threats, stealth botnets, rootkits and phishing attacks that incorporate sophisticated social engineering tricks.

Responding to these threats are new security products, many of which now incorporate cloud and virtualization technologies, while also addressing the exponential rise of mobile malware.

Protecting everything from severs to the endpoint, here are a few security products to watch!

Astaro Security Gateway Version 8.2

Astaro Security Gateway Version 8.2 establishes a new generation of unified threat management. Chief among the over 60 new features or enhancements in version 8.2 of the Astaro Security Gateway are Application Control (Next Generation Firewall), Interactive Web Reporting and a new authentication agent. Altogether the new features and enhancements aim to dramatically improve network performance while providing increased visibility and control over the network.

BeyondTrust PowerBroker Database

BeyondTrust recently released its PowerBroker Database to provide IT security departments strong monitoring and visibility of privilege user database administration, activities and security. PowerBroker Database, Monitor & Audit is the first solution in BeyondTrust’s new PowerBroker family of products to offer patent-pending core database log reading technology that enables complete transparency into how data is accessed, edited and tracked and how changes to these data elements critically impact business operations, control and security.

PowerBroker Database, Monitor & Audit complements BeyondTrust’s portfolio of access control and privilege delegation solutions by providing operational and security teams the ability to monitor potentially threatening changes to database controls through continuous review and reconciliation of privileged user activities.

Check Point 21400 Appliance

Check Point 21400 helps customers improve security, protect business continuity and reduce operational costs in complex, mission-critical security environments such as large campuses, data centers or Managed Service Providers by combining high-speed networking technologies with fast firewall throughput of up to 100 Gbps and IPS throughput of up to 21 Gbps default profile. The Check Point 21400 is designed to optimize Check Point’s Software Blade Architecture, enabling organizations to scale their security platform to meet current and future requirements, without compromising network speeds. Customers can consolidate any combination of protections, including: Firewall, VPN, IPS, Application Control, Mobile Access, Data Loss Prevention, Identity Awareness, URL Filtering, Anti-spam, Antivirus, Advanced Networking, and Acceleration & Clustering, on a single, multi-function gateway.

Check Point 61000 Security System

The Check Point 61000 Security System is a carrier-grade solution and the industry’s fastest security gateway, offering scalable performance for data centers and telecommunication companies. The 61000 Security System, currently available on the market, is based on a multi-bladed hardware platform that is capable of an unprecedented performance of more than 1 Tbps of firewall throughput. It includes the ability to support 70 million concurrent connections and 600,000 sessions per second, signficantly increasing performance levels in multi-transaction environments.

Check Point R75.20

R75.20 is the latest update to Check Point’s network security suite based on the Software Blade Architecture. R75.20 enhances the Check Point 3D Security vision by adding several new features, including a new URL Filtering Software Blade that provides granular control for web surfing in real-time and uniquely integrates with Application Control for unified enforcement of web controls. The new blade also leverages Check Point's unique UserCheck technology, allowing businesses to create customizable alerts to educate employees about corporate policies, while enabling them to access Web sites and use Internet applications when needed. Customers benefit from comprehensive security coverage for over 100 million websites and 240,000 Web 2.0 applications and widgets. As part of the new release, R75.20 also enables customers to leverage Check Point’s comprehensive SSL inspection technology to enforce corporate policies across encrypted channels. R75.20 is available immediately and is a free upgrade for existing Check Point customers.

Fortinet FortiWeb 4.0 MR3 Capabilities

The FortiWeb 4.0 MR3 features advanced data compression capabilities to improve bandwidth utilization and user response times, as well as the overall performance of application delivery. FortiWeb 4.0 MR3 features a wide range of new capabilities that span security and configuration, logging and reporting and ease-of-use, including:

-- A new denial of service (DoS) protection scheme that provides network and application layer DoS policies.

-- A new Period Blocking feature, which enhances organizational protection by enabling administrators to block users for specified periods of time rather than denying access on the basis of a particular connection;

-- Advanced compression to allow for more efficient bandwidth utilization and improved user response time by compressing data retrieval from servers;

Kaspersky Lab Antivirus 2012

Kaspersky Lab is harnessing both cloud and PC-based protection into a hybrid combination, ensuring that new threats can be identified and addressed faster. Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 draws on a huge, real-time database of shared intelligence and insight, security threats transmitted from USB-sticks, malicious scripts or advanced rootkits.

Some of the key features include cloud-based protections, which exchanges information between computer-installed software and centralized, cloud-based databases. The cloud-based infrastructure ensures that users are protected in real-time against the latest threats and spam, with protection that arrives within seconds that prevents users from storing large amounts of data on their computers.

Kaspersky Lab Internet Security 2012

Kaspersky Lab is harnessing both cloud and PC-based protection into a hybrid approach that identifies and tackles new threats in real time, while maintaining computer performance, mobility and speed, as well as optimizing security.

Altogether, Kaspersky Lab Internet Security 2012 incorporates cloud-based protection, as well as Internet link threat warning, new user interface, program activity monitoring module, file reputation checker, enhanced convenience and speed and touch-screen device compatibility.

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security software, available for both smartphones and tablets, provides a comprehensive mobile security solution by combining three McAfee mobile security products: WaveSecure, VirusScan Mobile and SiteAdvisor for Android. It is ideal for users who want protection for their data and privacy in the event of loss or theft, protection against the growing threat of viruses and spyware targeting mobile devices as well as protection from Web based threats, such as phishing sites that probe for personal and sensitive information.

M86 MailMarshal Email Content Manager

M86 MailMarshal Email Content Manager (ECM) ensures visibility of all e-mails and their attachments in an Exchange environment, able to see inbound, outbound and company-internal e-mail traffic. M86 MailMarshal ECM helps organizations meet e-mail compliance requirements, while enforcing corporate policies, increasing productivity, protecting against data leakage and managing content. M86 MailMarshal ECM provides centralized management and reporting across an organization’s entire Exchange infrastructure, even for those with multiple sites spread around the world. It also has a strong security focus with support for multiple anti-virus engines as well as comprehensive attachment management options and support for M86 Security’s Zero-Day threat protection.

M86 Security Reporter

The centrally-managed M86 Security Reporter (SR) fully integrates with the M86 WFR and/or the M86 SWG to manage and store up to 12 TB of data quickly without impacting performance. The M86 Security Reporter is available as a virtual appliance and can also be combined with the M86 SWG for a 100% virtual solution. Whether deployed as a traditional appliance, a virtual appliance or both, the M86 SR enables organizations to prove compliance, manage productivity and demonstrate the value of their IT security investment easily.

M86 Secure Web Gateway

M86 Secure Web Gateway (SWG) features patented, real time code analysis and behavioral security technologies that provide in-depth and hardened security for midsize and large organizations. The latest version of M86 Security’s unified Web security solution provides comprehensive, multi-layered Web security and reporting capabilities designed to increase productivity, address compliance guidelines and control bandwidth. Centralized policy control and a single interface make the M86 SWG easy to manage, whether it's deployed as a traditional appliance, virtual appliance, hybrid cloud or any combination of the three.

Palisade Systems PacketSure DLP

PacketSure DLP is a comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) solution that safeguards the enterprise network while also quickly and cost-effectively meeting compliance requirements for PII/PHI for HIPAA/HITECH, GLB, SOX and PCI DSS. With PacketSure DLP, organizations can guard and monitor the perimeter of their networks for data leaks and also protect themselves from breaches at the endpoint, preventing their confidential information from being copied to CDs, DVDs, and USB drives or over FireWire.

PacketSure is available through Managed Service Providers and can be installed as an appliance, as a virtual appliance, or as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Palisade offers a range of DLP solutions to meet the needs and budgets of any business, regardless of size or industry, starting as low as $.50 per user per month for PacketSure Basic DLP. In addition, Palisade is providing the core functionality of PacketSure Basic DLP free to the first 500 businesses, to finally put to rest the misconception that DLP is costly and difficult to manage.

Palo Alto Networks-5060

The PA-5060 next-generation firewall from Palo Alto Networks is designed to protect data centers, large enterprise Internet gateways, and service provider environments where traffic demands dictate predictable firewall and threat prevention throughput. Traffic flows of up to 20 Gbps are effectively protected with more than 40 processors distributed across four functional areas: networking, security, content inspection and management. The PA-5060 is backed by the PAN-OS, a security-specific operating system that tightly integrates three unique identification technologies: App-ID, User-ID and Content-ID, with key firewall, networking and management features. Palo Alto Networks recently announced an expanded list of technology partners that included key data center networking companies like Arista Networks, Aruba Networks and Enterasys Networks.

Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect

The Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect solution ties application-, user-, and content-based policies to roaming users through a persistent thin client that can be pre-installed or installed on demand. Similar to a VPN, remote traffic is sent over a secure tunnel. However, unlike typical VPN deployments, which direct traffic to a few geographically centralized gateways, the GlobalProtect client automatically connects to the nearest corporately-managed Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall deployed at a hub, branch or in a private cloud. This results in faster throughput, easier management, and better protection. Palo Alto Networks recently rolled out a two-tier MSSP program that includes in-depth technical training and accreditation for managing its security solutions.

RSA NetWitness Panorama

The latest security investigation and analytics module based on NetWitness technology called RSA Netwitness Panorama, this module allows customers to use NetWitness Decoders to collect and analyze log information along with content of network capture to give users a powerful advantage during an overall security investigation. RSA NetWitness Panorama may be deployed in three ways: as an extension to RSA NetWitness installations that combine the diverse information contained in log files with the deep content of full traffic capture; alongside RSA enVision for fast security analytics across the volumes of collected log data; or as a standalone log analytics module with or without other third party SIEM tools. RSA NetWitness Panorama is available in Beta Q3, 2011 and will be generally available in Q4, 2011.

RSA Authentication Manager Express

RSA Authentication Manager Express provides multi-factor authentication optimized for SMBs. The product helps customers provide secure information access to remote employees, partners, and clients/customers while assuring their identities. RSA Authentication Manager Express protects SSL VPNs and Web portals against unauthorized access. While users continue to use passwords, authentication occurs behind the scenes as the RSA Risk Engine analyzes a series of indicators that assure the identity of the user and request additional proof of identity when required. This proven technology delivers authentication tailored to the security, cost, and convenience requirements of smaller organizations. The product starts at $2,995.

Skybox Network Assurance 5.5

Skybox Network Assurance 5.5 touts Network-Awareness, giving IT administrators the ability to take the network context – the network devices and settings, access paths, and policies – into account when looking for network security gaps or considering if an attacker can exploit vulnerabilities. A comprehensive and continuously updated view of the network provides organizations more accurate firewall audits and vulnerability assessments, as well as a better ability to hone in on the most urgent security issues, and faster troubleshooting of network connectivity issues.

Network Assurance solution costs $6,930 for a 1 year subscription, which includes the application and software management platform that provides the server, manager, and collectors.

Sophos Mobile Control

Sophos Mobile Control extends lightweight device protection to a broad range of popular mobile platforms, including Apple iPhones and iPads, Google Android, and Windows Mobile devices. Designed for IT administrators to simply and quickly secure, monitor, and control the configuration for smartphones running these operating systems, Sophos Mobile Control Web-based console does the following:

-- Secures mobile devices by centrally configuring security settings, enabling lockdown of unwanted features; and remote over-the-air lock or wipe if device is lost or stolen;

-- Enables consistent security policy enforcement, strong password policy and lock period, control and installation of applications, blocking use of cameras, browsers, and sites such as YouTube;

-- Controls the access to corporate e-mail via a secure gate allowing only properly secured and registered devices to access e-mail.

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise 5.60

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise 5.60 (SGN) provides multi-layered, centrally managed endpoint data security combining encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) on laptops, desktops, and removable media. Its transparent data encryption enhances user productivity while preventing malicious users from reading lost or stolen information or media. SGN prevents endpoint data leakage by controlling access to both physical and wireless interfaces (e.g. USB, FireWire, Wi-Fi) and storage devices (e.g. MP3 players, removable media).

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12

Symantec Endpoint Protection offers comprehensive defense against all types of attacks for both physical and virtual systems. It seamlessly integrates nine essential security technologies in one, high performance agent with a single management console. Symantec Endpoint Protection provides strong protection without slowdown. Symantec Endpoint Protection provides control over users’ endpoint security with built-in network access control, device management and application management. Supporting Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems, the product integrates with the Symantec Protection Center for easy management of endpoint, server, e-mail and gateway security solutions.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 Small Business Edition

In order to keep computers, employees and data safe from cybercriminals, users need an effective antivirus, anti-malware solution that won’t slow down their applications or computer systems. Without the right solution, users may become the victim of cybercrime, experiencing data loss and downtime. Unlike other more resource intensive, less effective antivirus or freeware software, Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition protects computers and servers with the most effective threat detection technologies available in a single, integrated solution. SEP 12 Small Business Edition won’t lead to system slowdown or swallow up system resources. Employees won’t notice it is running in the background, allowing SMBs to stay focused on growing their business knowing that their data is safe from cybercriminals.

Total Defense Internet Security Suite Plus

Total Defense Internet Security Suite Plus incorporates a comprehensive security suite featuring a slew of web security defenses, including anti-virus and anti-spyware, personal firewall, anti-spam, parental controls, anti-phishing, migration, continuous updates, and informative reports, all of which are supported by free 24 X 7 support.

Total Defense Internet Security Suite is less than $50 for 1-year subscription for protection on up to 3 PCs (includes a money back guarantee within 60 days and automatically free software updates).

Trend Micro Mobile Security 7

Trend Micro Mobile Security extends protection beyond traditional PCs to secure mobile devices and data. It is an integrated mobile device management and security solution within a security framework that spans physical and virtual, PC and non-PC devices.

This solution lets organizations reduce costs by providing a single point of visibility and control for device management and security. It protects data and limits data loss incidents by enforcing the use of passwords, encrypting data, and remotely wiping data from lost or stolen devices.

Tripwire Enterprise 8.0

Tripwire’s configuration control and file integrity monitoring solution offers comprehensive compliance policy management that protects critical infrastructure, detects changes in real time and corrects noncompliant configurations. Tripwire Enterprise 8.0 allows organizations to cost-effectively bring IT systems into compliance with internal policy and regulatory mandates such as HIPAA, by incorporating best practices for high-integrity systems management.

Using Tripwire Enterprise 8.0 to help meet the requirements of HIPAA creates a system that reduces the time spent resolving issues caused by poor network and data security practices, and enhances the data security of electronic personal health information (ePHI). Tripwire delivers a comprehensive solution by allowing organizations to meet the core intent of HIPAA's integrity controls with file integrity monitoring, which can be tuned and managed to meet changes in a HIPAA compliance environment.