What's Hot At RSA 2012? 18 Products To Look For

IT Security Products Take Center Stage At RSA

The RSA Conference, which kicks off in San Francisco Monday, will bring five days of keynotes, sessions and other events highlighting the hottest security topics. Interest this year is expected to be exceptionally high in the areas of mobile and cloud security, as well as cyber-terrorism. Along with the nation's leading security experts, the conference will attract several hundred of vendor. Here's a sampling of some of the worthwhile technologies that will be on display at the show. These products range from appliances and mobile application security to cloud services and network monitoring applications.

Akamai Debuts Kona Site Defender

Akamai is introducing Kona Site Defender, a mitigation service for distributed denial-of-service attacks. In providing automatic protection against network layer attacks, Kona also provides real-time visibility and the ability to drill down into attack alerts to retrieve detailed information on why an attack was declared, the defense capabilities that triggered the attack declaration and what was seen in the requests that triggered site defenses. Kona Site Defender is scheduled to be generally available April 11. Pricing starts at $15,000.

AlgoSec Demos Firewall Policy Manager

AlgoSec is showcasing Security Management Suite 6.2, the latest release from the network security policy management vendor. The suite provides "comprehensive automation" for managing policies of firewalls. The Roswell, Georgia-based company says the product includes support for secure Web gateways. Pricing starts at $10,000.

Box Improves Security Reporting Tools

File-sharing site Box is launching better tools for tracking, logging and reporting on security. The enhancements are meant to improve an organization's ability to meet regulatory and compliance requirements. The new reporting tools provide 10 times more content visibility and permissions to IT administrators managing user accounts, according to the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company. In addition, the company is announcing that it has joined Hewlett-Packard's Enterprise Security Cloud Connections Partner Program to integrate event data from Box with HP ArcSight, a security information and event management system.

Cyber-Ark Targets Suspicious Database Activity

Cyber-Ark Software is introducing version 7 of its Privileged Session Management Suite, which is better at isolating and terminating suspicious database activity. The suite includes enhanced capabilities for also protecting virtual environments, network devices and servers. The software protects against cyber-attacks by preventing malware-infected desktops from spreading viruses and Trojans to other systems, the Newton, Mass.-based company said. The product can be integrated with security information and event management systems, such as Hewlett-Packard's ArcSight and McAfee's NitroSecurity, for real-time alerting.

Echoworx Showcases Cloud-Based Credential Management

Echoworx is showcasing its cloud-based credential management and managed encryption services for e-mail and data protection. The Atlanta, Ga.-based company has made its PKI infrastructure accessible by mobile device management applications, mobile enterprise application platforms and other cloud services. The advantage of over-the-air credentialing is avoiding the need to deploy and manage an in-house PKI system, the company said.

Fluke Networks Unveils New AirMagnet

Fluke Networks is debuting the latest version of its WLAN security and performance monitoring product. AirMagnet Enterprise Version 10 includes a software option that turns a Windows PC into a cost-effective sensor for monitoring WLANS, the Everett, Wash.-based company said. The software is targeted at multi-state healthcare, retail and concession operations needing basic PCI or HIPAA compliance monitoring.

Fortinet Showcases Blade, Firewall

Fortinet is showcasing two hardware security products set for release in the second quarter. The FortiGate-3240C is a firewall appliance with 12 hardware-accelerated 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company said. The FortiGate-5101C blade features the latest FortiASIC processors to deliver up to 100 Gbps of IPV6 firewall throughput.

Freescale Introduces Embedded Networking Software Framework

Freescale Semiconductor is launching the VortiQa Platform Services Package, an embedded networking software framework for programming in the Linux user space. VortiQa PSP streamlines development by minimizing bare-metal coding tasks and shifting more application development to the familiar Linux user space. The new product is designed for development of embedded networking products, including enterprise routers, security appliances, application optimization devices, Web application firewalls.

HOB Debuts Latest Remote Desktop VPN

HOB is unveiling Remote Desktop VPN 2.1, the company's flagship secure remote access product. The software-based product is designed to securely access centrally stored company data and applications from any device. The upgrade provides full SSL encryption and increased flexibility and compatibility with targeted systems and devices. The HOBPhone VOIP client is included for making secure telephone calls over the Internet. The component is meant to help reduce the cost of long distance and international calls, the German company said.

KoolSpan Launches TrustCall For Android

Koolspan is unveiling its TrustCall application for Android smartphones and tablets. The application provides secure calling. To activate, a user chooses a contact in their address book and selects the "place secure call" option, the Bethesda, Md.-based company said. TrustCall authenticates all user identities prior to establishing the call and maintains a secure connection from beginning to end. Companies can deploy and manage TrustCall without advanced training or custom handsets, the vendor said.

Mu Dynamics Introduces Online Store For Testing Apps

Mu Dynamics is introducing the Mu TestCloud, an online store with more than 3,000 ready-to-run tests for validating applications and security policies on corporate networks. The cloud-based repository helps users recreate application traffic mixes for testing and validating devices, such as firewalls, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company said. The store also contains tests for recreating enterprise business applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server and Active Directory; Salesforce.com and Oracle.

Net Optics Debuts Spyke Network Monitoring

Net Optics is unveiling the upcoming Spyke network monitoring and performance management system. The new product captures, analyzes and stores data from the corporate network and makes it available on a graphical user interface that enables users to drill down from high-level metrics to granular details of network traffic, pinpointing root causes of performance problems in order to restore business services, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company said. Spyke also provides application-specific insights, such as user names, individual VoIP calls and e-mail traffic.

Prolexic Introduces DDoS Mitigation Service

Prolexic is debuting PLXconnect, a routed mitigation service. The new product provides a new way to activate the Hollywood, Fla.-based company's distributed denial-of-service mitigation service. PLXconnect provides a direct physical connection from a client's network to Prolexic's scrubbing centers via a private cloud. The company provides a high bandwidth option and predictable latency through a service level agreement.

SonicWall Introduces Mobile Connect for Android

SonicWall launched Mobile Connect, a client app for Android smartphones and tablets. Available as a free download from the Android Market, the app provides network-level access to corporate, academic and government resources over encrypted SSL VPN connections. Mobile users can access the resources across SonicWall appliances, including Aventail E-Class Secure Remote Access, Next-Generation Firewalls and Secure Remote Access for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses. San Jose, Calif.-based SonicWall also provides Mobile Connect for the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Splunk Upgrades Security Intelligence Products

Splunk is demonstrating Splunk App for Enterprise Security 2.0 and Enterprise 4.3. The latter is the company's flagship software for collecting, indexing and harnessing machine data, while the former is for monitoring, identifying and responding to security threats. Enterprise includes Splunk's "big-data engine" that helps security pros spot threat patterns in terabytes of normal user-credentialed activities, the San Francisco-based company said. The Splunk App for Enterprise Security provides monitoring of threats, support for forensic investigations, analytics for identifying advanced persistent threats and dashboards for security posture and investigation workflows.

Tufin Releases Security Suite Upgrade

Tufin Technologies is releasing version R12-1 of the Security Suite, a policy management system. The key innovation of the upgrade is a new interactive dashboard that provides immediate visibility into an organization's security and compliance posture, the Israeli company said. The dashboard displays risks, recent changes and access rules and objects that need to be cleaned up or optimized. The interface's widgets provide key performance indicators, scores and trends and a variety of filters and views. The new product is generally available as of Feb. 29. Pricing starts at $20,000.

Yubico Unveils NFC-Enabled Password Token

Yubico is showcasing a new version of its YubiKey USB authentication token. The latest device, called YubiKey NEO, provides secure access to mobile devices that support near-field communications. An NFC-enabled smartphone can read the token, which emits an encrypted one-time password that's compatible with the one provided by the standard YubiKey, according to Palo Alto, Calif.-based Yubico. The door-key size NEO fits on a keychain and includes NFC contactless technology and a USB interface for use with a regular computer.

Zettaset Creates Secure Hadoop

Zettaset has built a security layer in its Hadoop Orchestrator data management platform. Hadoop is an open-source framework for the distributed processing of large data sets across systems, each offering local computation and storage. Mountain View, Calif.-based Zettaset is showcasing SHadoop, which is designed to mitigate the current security vulnerabilities of Hadoop, according to the vendor. Future versions of SHadoop will enhance security through encryption on the Hadoop cluster and encrypted communication between nodes.

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