Security On The Cheap: 5 Low-Cost Apps To Boost Mobile Security

5 Cheap Apps To Help Secure Your Phone

If you're on the hunt for a cheap fix for some of your mobile security concerns, look no further.

There are a handful of apps available right now that provide an inexpensive solution for securing mobile devices. Here we present five apps from our Daily App blog that are either free or under $.99 and offer a variety of ways for users protect and defend their mobile devices.

Virusbarrier: For iOS - $0.99

The first step in mobile protection is preventing viruses from spreading from device to device. Virusbarrier assists in stopping viruses and malware from passing through an iOS device to a home Mac or PC computer. VirusBarrier says that it uses an on-demand scanner to detect and eradicate threats before they can infect home and business networks and computers. It can be used to validate, view and save any email attachments on the device or files from a remote location. The app can detect viruses, worms, Trojan horses and all other known malware for Mac OS X and Windows.

Avast! Mobile Security: For Android - Free

Make mobile threats cease and desist on Android devices with Avast! Mobile Security, a virus and security app that receives updates to threat and virus definitions. The app scans for viruses and also can add a firewall. It protects against infected URLs with real-time alerts, and has an anti-theft component that can remotely lock, wipe or track GPS. An audio siren can also be activated through SMS commands. Once configured, Avast! Mobile Security can disguise itself or become invisible to help avoid deactivation.

HotSpot Shield: For Android and iOS - $0.99

Using unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots probably makes many mobile users uneasy. HotSpot Shield provides a VPN when connecting to any public or private hotspot. Hotspot Shield will make all Internet activity completely private by masking the real WAN IP of mobile devices.

The app simply runs once it's been launched. It also can increase browsing speed, which in turn can lower data usage, and also produces a report showing how much data usage it saves.

Vtrace: For iOS - Free

Vtrace performs the task of tracing the route between where you are and the IP Address or URL of another server quickly.

Vtrace lets you enter the IP Address of another server or node, or the URL of a site, and it will log the IP address of every gateway between the points and plot each of them on a Google map with the standard map pin. Click the pin, and you’ll be directed to a Web site for further information. If you run a Web site or Web service that's experiencing latency, this will, for example, give you the chance to see if your route is running through a location that is handling a natural disaster or other stress.

File Locker: For iOS - Free

Apple devices already provide a decent level of password protection, although there's no such thing as being too careful. File Locker brings an additional layer of support for sensitive data -- including text, images or other files. It locks down files on an iPhone into a separate folder on the device. The app itself requires entry of a security code (that you select), and provides protection to as many as five files.

Files can be sent directly from an iPhone's camera, from a network server, from a URL or from text that you enter directly into the app.

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